Real Housewives of New Jersey – Even Tony Soprano Would Be Embarrassed

Even after Tony Soprano killed people, you still kinda wanted to be his neighbor. He was just doing his job, and it was nothing personal.  That said, I think if Tony Soprano was a real person, he would get rid of these ladies of New Jersey because they are an embarrassment to his state.

I was going to go through the entire show and comment on it line for line but I can’t.  It is painful to watch so writing about it would simply be unbearable.  The bottom line is that this show stopped being entertaining and we cannot, and should not, believe anything that any of them say.

Sadly the most disgusting part of the show is Andy Cohen.  He was charming and funny in the beginning.  He appeared to be having fun with his housewives project and we were all along for the ride.  He is now a money hungry, celebrity whore and it’s sickening.

Just when you think this show cannot get more disturbing, we see a commercial for the new season of the ladies of Atlanta.  Seriously people, I just don’t think I can do it.  I’m going to have to walk away.  I will of course come back for New York and possibly Orange County but that’s all.

Andy Cohen has managed to take a really fun show and turn it into a train wreck.  He’s an idiot.  A brilliant idiot who is running all the way to the bank.  I think it’s rather sad that he has sold his soul to the devil for a buck.  He is watching lives fall apart and does not seem to mind.

Kim G. comes on and she makes my skin crawl.  I think she plays dirty, is obsessed with being on television, and is the reason that things got so out of hand with the regulars.  They were never going to all be friends, but Kim G. is the reason things got out of control and ugly so fast.

The recapping is a waste of time because it was not that interesting the first time we saw it.  I have loved Caroline from the beginning but the rose colored glasses are now cracked.  Caroline is a bully, Danielle is a sociopath, Jacqueline is a moron and Theresa is a pig.  I’m done.

Oh.  My.  God.  Just as I am getting excited about this show finally being over, they show a commercial for the housewives of Beverly Hills.  I am so over the whole thing.  The Beverly Hills women look pathetic and I’m mortified that they live so close to me.  Not watching.

Back to New Jersey, Jacqueline sees the light and apologizes for everything she has had a hand in.  Teresa sees a sliver of light also and says she never said anything bad about Danielle.  Danielle says she is sorry and lets them know she will drop all litigation that is pending.

Danielle gets up off the couch, hugs Teresa and says she is sorry.  She then hugs Jacqueline and tells her she is sorry.  Finally she sits down and extends a hand to Caroline and tells her she is sorry.  Important to note that I was having a glass of wine so I might have made this part up.

Sidebar:  I think we’ve reached a point in our cyber relationship where I can be totally honest with you.  This made me cry.  I felt relief and joy and I took a sigh of relief.  Whether it was real or fake I don’t care.  It was great television and I lapped it up like a dog at the water bowl.

Instead of letting the show end with sunshine, Caroline is a total bitch and sucks the joy out of the moment.  I lost all respect for her in the last ten seconds of the show.  It was bound to happen.  Will they be back?  Will Danielle get her own show? I’m hoping no and keeping the faith!