Are There Harley Riding, Country Music Loving, Tattooed, Bald Jewish Guys?

I was asked yesterday if I have a “type”.  If you look at the last couple of men I’ve had relationships with, one could argue that yes I do.  There were enough similarities between the two men that it would appear that I do have a type.  The problem is that my “type” is not easily found.

I like a man who rides a Harley.  Lots of men ride motorcycles, but there is something about a Harley that is special.  It is iconic, sexy, and very manly.  It is so much power and takes confidence to ride it with ease.  If a man can handle a Harley, then maybe he can handle me.

I like country music.  I like the stories that are told and I can relate to them.  They are songs about our lives and I hear them sometimes and think they were written about me.  I’m not wearing cowboy boots, or sporting a Stetson, but you can find it on my iPod and programmed in my car.

I love tattoos.  I think they can be beautiful and are works of art.  The rules on tattoos for Jews are different depending on who you talk to.  The thought that Jews cannot be buried in a Jewish cemetery with tattoos is not true.  There is a great article on Jews and tattoos from a few years back in the New York Times.

I actually have tattoos.  Truth be told, I have six.  They are all small, discreet and commemorate important events in my life.  They are all beautiful, meaningful and important.  None of them are frivolous or silly.  They make me happy and are truly pieces of art.

I have had Jewish men tell me they can’t date me because of my tattoos.  I always thought that was interesting.  I’ve had a man tell me he thinks he is falling in love with me, then when he saw the tattoos, said I was not a good Jew and that he did not want to see me again.  Interesting.

I like a bald head.  I think there is something sexy about a man with no hair.  I’m not sure why, but perhaps it’s because I think it takes guts to sport a bald head. It’s bold to be bald and I like that.  Keeping up with a bald head is just as much work, if not more, than taking care of hair.

The question is:  Are there any Harley riding, country music loving, tattooed, bald Jewish men?  If you know of one, and he is single, I want to meet him.  I know Jewish men with a couple of the things on my list, but I never met one who had them all.  Maybe it’s an impossible list.

I like to think he is out there right now, listening to Garth Brooks as he cleans his Harley and gets ready for the High Holidays.  He is walking around unaware that I am looking for him.  If you know him, tell him to read my blog, let him know I am waiting, and keeping the faith.