Dating At Whole Foods

I met two really interesting men this weekend at Whole Foods.  They were both random, both unexpected, and both lovely.  I live close to a Whole Foods and shop there quite regularly because it is so convenient.  FYI: the raw kale salad is my new favorite thing.

I’m in Whole Foods and I see a man across the produce aisle.  I’m staring at him because he is simply stunning.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder of course, but in my eyes this man was divine looking.  I was caught up in him and could not look away.  He glanced over, saw I was staring, and smiled.

I turn away and continue on with my shopping while fantasizing about our falling in love.  In the prepared food aisle, I am in line to get my kale salad when I see him come up the aisle.  I stare again, he sees me again, smiles again and I’m embarrassed to be caught gawking. Again.

He walks over to me smiling and here are some highlights from our conversation:

“Hi.  Do we know each other?”

“No.  I was just staring because you are insanely attractive.” 

“Wow.  Well thanks.  I’m Rob.  You made my day.

“Hi Rob.  I’m Ilana and you are the best looking man I’ve ever seen.”

“You are hilarious.  Do you live in the neighborhood?”

“I do.  Do you?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen you here before.”

“I live up the street.  Maybe you saw me but I was ugly that day.”

“That must have been it.  You can’t possibly be this gorgeous everyday.”

“Would you like to grab a bite sometime?”

“I can’t look you in the eye because it’s intimidating so how could I eat?”

“Can you see without your glasses?”

“I’m as blind as a bat.”

“Take your glasses off so you can’t see me and we can hang out.”

And so began my friendship with Rob.  He is smart, funny, and unfairly attractive.  We exchanged numbers and went on our way.  He called.  We met for a drink, and then saw a movie.  I adore him.  He is a “normal” guy with a heart of gold and a kind and gentle soul.

I managed to hold my stomach in for five consecutive hours and it turns out that it was not necessary.  He was attentive, completely unaware that every woman who sees him stares, and looked at me as if we were the only two people around for miles.  He is Prince Charming.

Rob is delicious.  I know he is reading this blog today so hello my new friend.  You are a remarkable man and I’m so glad you caught me staring.  I enjoyed spending time with you and I think you and I shall be friends forever.  The rest we’ll figure out as we go.

On Saturday, I was back at Whole Foods.  I went to buy my new favorite obsession, Greek yogurt.  I approach the line to pay and as I get to the cash register, there is a man getting there at the same time.  He tells me to go ahead.  I thank him and start to unpack my basket.

He is tall, has elaborate tattoos on his arm, and eyes that were the most magnificent amber color.  He commented on the yogurt and asked if I had tried the fig flavor.  I tell him I had, loved it, and said I think the honey one is the best.  He agrees, I pay my bill, thank him again, and go.

This morning I went for a walk in the early morning.  I finished my walk and as I passed Whole Foods to go home, I decided to run in and get some fruit.  I see tattoo man there and so I say hello.  He says hi, we start chatting, one thing leads to another and numbers are exchanged.

Maybe tattoo will call, maybe he won’t.  Maybe I’ll be brave, maybe I won’t.  I had a perfect date with Rob and look forward to our friendship.  The lesson learned is that people don’t always see us as we see ourselves.  If we stop worrying about what they see, life gets interesting.

I never imagined I would go on a date with someone like Rob.  He’s intimidating to look at because he is so handsome.  At the end of the day he sees himself as a good person so perhaps that is what makes him so handsome.  He is just a man looking for love like everyone else.

I am not the prettiest girl, the thinnest girl, or the smartest girl.  What I am is a good person, with a beautiful and giving heart, a fantastic sense of humor, and an unending belief in myself.  I think I rock and that is the message I send out into the world.  It turns out that is attractive.

There is someone for everyone.  If we open our minds and let our guard down, we can see the person who may be our Beshert may not come in the wrapping we are expecting.  With no expectations the rewards are endless.  Can love be found at Whole Foods?  Let’s keep the faith.

P.S. I wanted to get a bottle of wine so the “wine guy” suggested something called Nero del Nago.  I was concerned because it was only $5.99 but he said I needed to try it and not let the price fool me.  If I loved it, score and if I hated it, it was only six bucks.  Sounded fair so I bought it, and let me just say it is my new favorite and I highly recommend it.