A Suicide Attempt, A Dodge Charger and A Crazy Bitch

This week a 22 year old man jumped off a 39-story apartment building in New York City.  He had written on his Facebook page that he hated his life and was “over it”.  The assumption is that he was attempting suicide.  How sad he must have been to do this.

It’s a horrible way to die.  You have the entire time you are falling to think about what you’ve done, and even if you regret it, there is nothing you can do.  For this young man, who is an actor living in the city and working in retail, it seemed like the only answer.

What makes the story truly amazing is that the young man did not die.  He landed on a parked car and miraculously survived the fall.  He is in the hospital, doing well, and will be fine.  It’s remarkable that this recent college graduate is alive.

He landed on the back of a Dodge Charger.  The owner of the car is a construction worker who was working nearby.  He had driven his wife’s car to work and could not believe it saved the man’s life. He was not concerned with the fact that the car was totaled.

Sidebar:  I get how people love their cars.  It’s a huge investment of money and time to have a beautiful car and take care of it.  I’ve never been a car person really.  I like my car, and I take care of it, but there is no sense of parental pride for my wheels.

This is where the story gets sad.  By sad, of course I mean disgusting.  The fact that this young man felt so desperate he would try to end his life in such a dramatic and horrific way is sad, the response from the woman who owns the car is disgusting.

The wife of the construction worker told the media in New York City that she is pissed off.  She had just filled the car with gas, and was annoyed that of all the cars in New York City, he “picked” her car to jump on.  I want to smack this crazy bitch.

She said she loved the car and said she wanted to meet the man who ruined her car and ask if he feels like an idiot that he did not die and ruined a car in the process.  She goes on to say that the car and her baby.  Really?

Listen to me you selfish, insane, moron, a young man almost died.  He is only 22 years old.  His spirit was so broken that he jumped off a building to end his pain and you are concerned about your car.  It’s a car you idiot.  How is that of more value than a life?

This woman who is worried about the loss of her “baby” needs to shut up!  You are an idiot and every time you open your mouth you are digging yourself closer to hell.  You are truly disgusting, an embarrassment to your family, and the city of New York.

To the construction worker who is married to the crazy person, I can only image what your life must be like to be married to this woman.  That she values a car over a life is quite telling.  You are in my prayers as I imagine you are living in your own darkness.

To this young man, I am sorry for your pain.  I hope you get the help and support you need to get well and live a full and happy life.  Living with despair is exhausting and I wish only good things for you.  You are in my prayers.  Breathe deeply and keep the faith.