The Dentist vs. The Used Car Salesman

I have a tooth ache.  It came out of nowhere and I thought I would pass out it was so painful.  I did not have a dentist as mine retired and I did not love his replacement. I went to a new doctor who was recommended by a friend.  I called, explained I was in pain, and they took me in right away.

The new dentist is charming and attractive.  He was comforting, and assured me it would all be fine and not to worry.  They took x-rays and determined that I needed a root canal.  Ouch. He explains it to me in a way that was rather condescending, but I was in such pain I did not care and agreed.

He did the root canal, placed a temporary filling, and said to wait a week for it to settle down and then come in for the crown.  After two days I was in more pain than before the root canal.  I went in, he took additional x-rays and determined he missed a canal and needed to go back in. 

He is joking and making light of the situation.  I’m annoyed, still in pain, and feeling like I need to find a new dentist quickly.  This guy is more of a used car salesman than a doctor. What was charming in the beginning, is now creepy.  He is going back in and I know I should not let him.

Now he’s done the root canal twice, sends me on my way telling me it will no longer hurt, and I can keep my appointment for Thursday to do the crown.  I woke up this morning with an insane toothache.  Whatever he is doing to my tooth is not working, and his attitude is bugging me.

He talks to me like I am a child.  He does not listen to what I am saying, makes stupid jokes, and is not taking me seriously.  I’ve still got a toothache and am supposed to have him finish the work Thursday with the crown.  Why would I put a crown on a tooth that still has issues?

I’m stuck between wanting him to finish, and not wanting him anywhere near me.  He went from a lovely man who took me in right away, to a sleazy guy who appears to be unable to do his job.  He may be in a white coat, but he is trying to sell me a used car and I’m not buying.

I know not all dentists are used car salesmen.  I’m just saying that this specific doctor, who is an expert in his field, has an obligation to those he is servicing to not be a douchelord.  I’m not a dentist, but I’m also not an idiot, so let’s be respectful of each other.

I would never go to a dentist to buy a car.  I would never go to a car salesman for a toothache.  Although I think the car guy might do a better job than the quack I went to see.  I want to yank the tooth out so it will stop hurting.  Instead I need to find a new dentist to fix what went wrong.

Would it be so bad to pull it out myself?  Could I make a missing tooth look cool?  Could it become fashionable to have a smile with a big hole in it?  Seriously people, it could be ho to have a built in straw rest.  It could become all the rage.  Who will join my on this fashion revolution?

A toothache is a powerful thing.  It allows you to believe whatever anyone tells you if there is a promise for relief at the end.  I’m heading off to work with a bottle of Advil and a mission to find a good dentist.  Will I make it through the day without pulling out my own tooth?  Keep the faith.