Jersey Shore is Addictive Summer Fun

I love this show and I don’t mind saying so.  It is a guilty pleasure and I can’t turn it off.  In fact, if I have seen an episode, and it repeats, I will sometimes watch it again.  What does it say about me that at 44, I enjoy spending time with Snooki and the Situation?

This past week Snooki’s boyfriend turns out to be a putz, she calls him on it, and tells him to get lost.  She then explains that men are pigs and don’t know how to treat women.  She has decided that is why the rate of lesbianism is rising so quickly in the United States.

You can’t write the stuff that comes out of this girl’s mouth.  I’ve learned a whole new vocabulary from this show.  I never thought I would use the words skeeve or juicehead in a sentence, and I had no idea unattractive people were grenades. Jersey Shore is educational!

While I can’t relate to these kids on any level, I like them.  I think there are raw moments where we see who they are, and it’s those moments, that I think make the show so great.  Vinny, Pauly, Ronnie and Mike are pigs, but still menschy boys who look out for the girls.

Snookie, JWoww and Sammi are unlike anyone I remember when I was their age.  They are also unlike anyone on television.  More than a reality show, it’s like watching a sitcom or a soap opera.  It’s worth checking out if you haven’t already.  Come on, we know you watch.

It has been said this show is a guitly pleasure, and I think actually said that myself.  The truth is however,  we don’t feel guilty.  These are a bunch kids, having a great time, and allowing us to gaze through the peep hole.  They are entertaining because they have no idea how entertaining they are.

The Miami episodes are good, but I’m looking forward to having them return to New Jersey.  I hope when they do, they dump Angelina.  She is useless and never should have been allowed to return.  They need to get back on their own turf and wrap up the summer with a bang.

Last year I got countless calls from Israeli Danielle’s mother asking me to set the record straight on her daughter, who was “ruined” by the show.  She told me that Danielle had run off to Israel, would not return to Jersey, and I needed to help make it right so she could return.

I hear from some readers on the shore that she has in fact returned and is working at the store where she met Pauly D.  Turns out the possibility of getting another shot at 15 minutes of fame has made her all better.  The bottom dwellers are out and looking to latch onto the stars of MTV.

Jersey Shore is mindless summer fun.  It will make you laugh, scratch your heard, drop your jaw, and on very rare occasions, shed a tear.  These kids are fabulous and I dig them.  I will continue to watch, and as for my son never wanting to vacation on the Jersey Shore, I’m keeping the faith.