Spencer Pratt is A Douchelord & Heidi Montag Needs Help

I never liked Spencer.  I always thought he was creepy and when I met him and Heidi at a restaurant a couple of years ago, his eyes kept darting around looking at everything, and it was both intimidating and rude.

I’m not sure what the official definition of a Douchelord is, but for the purpose of this article, it means an uneducated, unsophisticated, unattractive, celebrity whore, joy sucking, bottom feeding loser who better watch out for karma because she’s on his tail.

I think Heidi is a little girl who got sucked in by a sociopath.  Their story reminds me a lot of Dorothy Stratten and Paul Snider.  I think he is dangerous and will physically cause her great harm one day.

All these stories of a sex tape scandal are gross.  Some have implied that it’s a publicity stunt, but I’m not buying it.  I think Heidi is in over her head, and someone needs to help her.  This man is dangerous and cannot be trusted.  He turned a beautiful girl into a circus freak.

Someone needs to step in and give this guy a kick in the ass.  She has ruined her life because of Spencer and it’s not necessary for her to lose her life too.  She cannot be so stupid that she would be in cahoots with Spencer.  I believe it’s serious and she’s in trouble.

The only women who could possibly be that dumb are members of The Real Housewives franchise over on Bravo.  Heidi is not stupid, as much as she is simple.  If you look back at the start of The Hills, she was a lovely small town girl.

It was when she met Spencer that things went to hell in a hand basket.  Heidi meet Spencer. Dorothy meet Paul.  Same game, different players.  Even with divorce papers filed, things are going to get worse.

Fame can make people crazy.  Compliments from an attentive man, can cause a woman to lose her sensibilities.  Heidi says she is a devoted Christian so she better start praying because it’s going to take more than keeping the faith.

*** Last night Vivid Entertainment confirmed they have spoken to Spencer, but not to Heidi.  The fact that she has not come forward with an attorney saying she will block the sale of the tape is curious.  I feel bad for this girl.  She is going to get screwed.  Pardon the pun.