Public Masturbation Aside: Both Paul Reubens & Pee Wee Herman Rock

Paul Reubens has given an interview to Playboy magazine where he opens up, more than ever before, about his 1991 arrest in an adult movie theater for masturbating in public.  In order to avoid a trial, he pleased no contest, but feels the charges should have been dropped.

When talking about the 1991 charge, Reubens told Playboy: “Had we gone to trial, we had ready an expert from the Masters and Johnson Institute who was going to testify that in 30 years of research on masturbation the institute had never found one person who masturbated with his or her non-dominant hand. I’m right-handed, and the police report said I was jerking off with my left hand. That would have been the end of the case right there, proof it couldn’t have been me.”

I remember when this happened and I felt about it then, the same way I feel about it now, who cares?  He was not at Disneyland in front of a bunch of kids touching himself.  He was in an adult movie theater watching porn, and I could care less whether he did it or not.  That said, he says he did not do it, and I believe him.

I recall feeling bad for him that it so adversely affected his career, but it did not change my opinion of him.  I love Pee Wee Herman and have raised my son, who was born in 1996, years after his show was off the air, with Pee Wee in our home.  We have Pee Wee‘s Playhouse television show on DVD, and recently saw his live show at Nokia Live in Los Angeles.  My kid loves Pee Wee because Pee Wee is fabulous.

Reubens, born Paul Rubenfeld, is now 57 years old, which is incredible.  I think of him as being so young, and if he is creeping up on 60, then I am officially getting old.  Born in New York, and raised in Florida, his mom Judy was a teacher and his dad, Milton, flew for Britain’s Royal Air Force and the U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II.

What is cool, and perhaps not many people know, is that his dad was one of the founding pilots of the Israeli Air Force during the War of Independence in 1948.  Like his dad, Reubens is quite accomplished, and those things are not talked about which is a shame.  He was punished and humiliated for no reason, and it never should have happened.  This guy rocks, is a delicious Jewish man, and I am a fan.

If you are not familiar with Reubens work, check out and dive into the world of Pee Wee Herman.  You will not be disappointed.  There is nothing about this man, or his history, that would make me want to not share his talent with my son.  I love Pee Wee Herman, and I hope we see more of Paul Reubens.  To Mr. Reubens, know that I don’t care what happened and I love you.  Will Pee Wee return to television or the big screen?  My son and I are keeping the faith.