Bethenny Frankel’s Lost Footage is a Waste of Time

I wasted an hour today by watching the lost footage special from Bethenny Getting Married.  Wow.  Bravo really scraped through the trash to find this crap.  This chick is so unappealing that I just can’t imagine how they will bring her back for another season.

What is so horrible about this show, is the sense of loss of something great.  When we first met Bethenny, she was entertaining and unpredictable which was fun.  She has become uninteresting and the only reason I watch is so there is an honest voice mixed in with all the Bethenny lovers.

The show starts with her having a lesson on strollers.  I have never seen a woman who is more uncomfortable being pregnant, or so completely cold when it comes to anything to do with her unborn child.  Is she having a baby for publicity? She does not appear to want to be a mom.

She tries to be funny, but it comes across as complaining, ignorant, and selfish.  There are women who are struggling to be moms, and this chick got knocked up and is pissed off to be pregnant.  It is annoying to watch.  If she does love the baby, we would never know it from this show.

Her questions to anyone she talks to about the baby are moronic.  She really is clueless, and is the perfect example of someone who is just not cut out to be a mother.  She has gone from being real to being fake, and sadly I don’t think she can recover from the hole she has dug.

The people around her are also getting annoying.  Julie talks about how she thinks for Bethenny, Max continues to be useless, and the lost footage dos not include Jason for more than a second.  It’s horrible because it’s how she chose to be.  She went from great to gross in a single season.

I think it’s sad Bethenny feels the need to out every single one of her gay friends, each and every time they are on the show.  A gay friend, Jake, walks in and sees the baby on the bed.  He is about to gush all over Bryn, and Bethenny wants him to notice and talk about her. 

How is it possible that Bravo thinks watching 10 minutes of Bethenny eating, is at all interesting?  Is she the first pregnant woman to enjoy food?  She would have us believe she was the first pregnant woman ever, but news flash sweetie, you are not. 

Her talking about food and sex, at the same time, is just too much. She is so over the top that if I were her, I would seriously be worried about what her kid is going to think about her when she grows up.  Like mother like daughter Bethenny, so look at your mom and be afraid.

Cookie is barking, and she says there is no way a baby could be as hard as taking care of her dog.  She needs to shut up.  Jason says breastfeeding is really hard, which is why a lot of women give up.  He needs to shut up too.  Who are these two to talk about anything to do with babies?

Bethenny Frankel started out as hero for single women who were getting older.  At almost forty, she started a company, found a man who loved her for exactly who she was, got married, had a baby, and continued to see her business grow.  She was an inspiration.  She is now a joke.

The lost footage show ends with Bethenny saying that life is unpredictable, and she has no idea where the next year will take her.  With a little prayer, it will hopefully not involve her getting another season on Bravo.  For that, I am most definitely keeping the faith.