Why Are We Cuter When We Travel?

I don’t what it is about being away from home, but when we travel we get a little cuter.  I’ve been walking around a major Canadian city for the past four days with my son, and I’m getting flirted with left, right and center.  Even my son has noticed it, and suggested if I move here I could meet someone in five minutes.  What is it about being away that makes us so cute?

I have not changed my hair, or my perfume, yet men are looking, and appreciating.  I don’t think it’s a Canadian thing, I believe that when we are away from home,  there is perhaps a carefree air to us that translates into something approachable.  Maybe that’s why so many people who travel as part of their jobs, have affairs on the road.  To clarify, I’m not saying everyone who travels cheats!

I’m just saying that I get how easy it must be.  Let’s use me as an example.  I am single and dating.  I am making an effort to meet someone, and am having no luck.  It makes me wonder what is wrong with me. Then I get here, and I’m like chum in the water and the sharks are circling.  It’s as if they know I’m new here, which is a fresh start, which is really attractive.

Maybe the newness of someone, is what makes them so attractive.  You can be whoever you want,  all your outfits look new,  all your jokes are fresh, and all your stories are charming.  It’s a chance to be your true self without being jaded by your own history.  It’s an opportunity to use all your best material with a new audience that is dying to hear something they have not heard before.

The good news is that travelling is great for your ego.  I’m coming back to Los Angeles with a renewed confidence.  It took a quick trip home to remind me that I am super cute, and dare I say it, a catch.  Someone will eventually get it, and I’m excited to meet him, whoever he is.  It’s good to come home for a lot of reasons, especially those that remind you to keep the faith.