Four Days In Canada

I have been in Canada for 4 days. 

In that time, I have:

– lost my ATM card

– locked myself out of the house

– broken my laptop

– saw Bachelor Pad and not had a way to blog about it

– watched as my readers talked about my vacation

– found out with the right level of humidity hair can sweat

– decided poutine is delicious

– was reminded that Canadians are fabulous

– spent quality time with my son

– felt an aching love for my mother

– was hit on by a homeless man

– was inspired to recycle

– remembered how cute I am

– walked for miles

– saw old friends

– was eaten alive by Mosquitos

– wrote this blog on my iPhone

I have another 3 days to go.

I’m hot, tired, happy and okay.

Coming home is not a holiday as much as

it is a reminder to never stop keeping the faith.