Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky Picks Roberto & Spares Chris A Horrible Fate

After months of having the brilliance of the Bachelor/Bachelorette series ruined by Ali as the Bachelorette, it’s finally over.  Who would have thought that at the end of the day, I kind of liked her.  Why this sudden change of heart?  Perhaps because she did the right thing, by not picking Chris as her victim.

I think Roberto is fabulous.  She did not pick a lesser guy, she did however pick a stronger guy.  When she dumps Roberto to pursue a career in Hollywood, because you know she will, Roberto will be fine.  Chris is a man we feel invested in, and somehow care about.  He should be the next bachelor.

I’ve had issues with Ali all season, and only watched in small doses, not religiously like I did with past contestants.  I feel that Ali was manipulative, a liar, a hypocrite, and a fake.  From her annoying laugh, to her crocodile tears, to her collapsing on the floor, she was fake from the start.  I just didn’t believe her.

When I met Ali, at the start of Jake’s season as the Bachelor, I loved her.  She was my favorite, and top pick.  I spoke with her and she was lovely.  You cannot deny that she is insanely appealing, and an all American girl who lights up a room when she smiles.  My opinion of her changed rather quickly.

She was mean to Vienna, and was on a personal mission to ruin her.  It’s a shame because she was never into Jake.  She was championing to be the Bachelorette from the beginning, and had she not been such a mean girl, she would have been the best Bachelorette ever.

She picked Roberto, he proposed, and they are getting married.  First though, they are moving together to San Diego, to live together and have a real life outside of the limelight.  Really?  I got $20 that says she manages to commute from San Diego to Los Angeles for 5 minutes.

It’s only a matter of time before her need to be a celebrity, trumps her love for Roberto, and they break up.  She is the most popular Bachelorette ever, and she needs to strike while the iron is hot.  Perhaps a twirl on the floor of Dancing With The Stars is in her future.

Putting my personal opinion aside, they are a great couple.  He clearly loves her, and it’s actually great to see. He is so handsome and charming, and you can see moments when she looks at him and seems so surprised to be with him, that you want to just hug her and wish her well.

Everyone will come out of her decision a winner.  Ali gets to be in love and prove, even if only for a moment, that the show can work.  Roberto gets the girl of his dreams, and Chris gets to be the Bachelor and meet a woman who will love him, move to the Cape, and live happily ever after.

I’m just a fan who watched this show like all of you.  At the end of the day, if Ali stays true to Roberto, they get married, and make it work, all will be forgotten and I will wish her well.  I believe this show can work, and perhaps they have finally given us another Trista and Ryan.

I’ve got to give Ali kudos for letting Chris go before the last date.  I don’t think it was done for any other reason than ratings and solidifying her good girl image, but it does not matter.  It was classy and bold. I respect the show for letting it go down that way, no matter whose idea it was.

Time will tell if it works out for Ali and Roberto.  I wish them well and hope they get married.  We will all be invited of course, because if ABC can put Jason and Molly’s wedding on TV, which we did not care about it, you know that Ali and Roberto are getting married on television.

I honestly hope Mike Fleiss and his group have Chris as the new Bachelor.  He is charming, sweet, handsome and a complete mensch.  That is a season I will watch, and truly be pulling for a happy ending, not like the past few shows where I really did not care who was chosen.

Love can be found on television as easy as it can be found at a bar, or online.  There are no guarantees in love, and we never know where it will be found.  Although this was not my favorite season, I believe in the show, and will watch again. I will be found, if we keep the faith.