Reconnecting Through Facebook

I’m heading to Disneyland today to meet a childhood friend.  We grew up together in Langley, British Columbia, and have not seen each other in about 28 years.  I think I was 17 when I last saw her.  We were just kids, and now we are mothers, reuniting with our own kids in tow, and it’s amazing.

We reconnected on Facebook which you’ve got to love.  I mean I don’t love everything about Facebook, but that it has the ability to reconnect people is amazing.  That people I don’t remember want to be friends is weird, and I’m addicted to Farmville, but other than that, Facebook is cool.

We were part of a tight group of girls, and it was a wonderful place to grow up.  I remember how much I loved my group of girlfriends, and how I thought for sure we would all get married to guys who were friends, live in the same neighborhood, have kids at the same time, and grow old together. 

Here we are now, almost 30 years later, spending the day together.  I’ve never met her kids, or her mine.  I’m going to meet her husband for the first time, and I’m curious about how it will be to see her.  She looks exactly the same as she did when we were kids, which is a little annoying.

After 30 years what do you say?  What’s new? How have you been?  Even after all this time, I know we will have a million things to talk about, and slide right back into being kids and our friendship.  As kids she loved Rick Springfield and I loved Adam Ant.  Clearly she was more sophisticated than me even back then.

So I’m off to see my friend, thankful for Facebook, and excited for her to meet my son.  At 14, he is the same age now, that we were when we were the best of friends.  I remember how important my friends were to me, and so it gives me a little perspective in terms of my son and his friends.

The only thing missing from our day will be the rest of the girls.  We will remember them in spirit, tell all the old stories, and catch up on a time when we were happy and life was easy.  It’s so funny that all our teenage angst made it impossible to understand how happy we really were. 

I am older now than my mother was at the time I last saw my friend. I remember thinking my mom was old so in comparison, my kid must think I’m ancient.  I look forward to hugging my friend.  Life goes by quickly so we must remember to reconnect with the past, and keep the faith.