Has Bethenny Frankel Created Her Own Fake Reality?

Let me begin this blog by saying that I think Bethenny Frankel’s behavior is mortifying, and should no longer be on television.  I watched her wedding, and wished her well, but seriously, this chick is out of control.  If you love her, just don’t read it.  It’s probably best.

I’m not saying anything about her wedding because it was her special day, and good for her.  The peeing in a bucket, whoring herself to the paparazzi, being rude to her new husband, self-absorbed outbreaks, and overall nastiness will not be commented on by me.

We arrive in St. Barts with Bethenny and Jason for their honeymoon.  God forbid this chick does anything in private.  It’s fascinating that she is unable to pee without a camera, yet blasted Jill for doing everything in front of the camera. 

They decide to take a swim and Bethenny strips down and jumps in naked.  How is it possible that Jason was annoyed she would walk around in a thong in front of Max, but she can be naked in front of a cameraman?  This show screams, “watch us! we’re fake!”.

Bethenny is complaining about how ugly she is, and Jason is being charming.  He calls her Mamma, which is sweet.  You forget for a minute that he must be a celebrity whore on some level to live this life with her.

An animal of some kind has wondered into their room and pooped on the floor.  She is freaked out and thinks she might puke.  Really?  Wait until your baby starts projectile vomiting while having diarrhea.  She is in for a rude awakening with what will come out of her baby

Jason is waxing her stomach and I wonder why this is on television.  Nothing reads authentic about them.  She has become a caricature and is incredibly rude to her husband.  They are talking about babies and have no clue.  They are unprepared.  Loving your baby does not make it easier.

Jason is taking a wind surfing lesson and Bethenny has another cry. I don’t buy it when she cries.  She is always complaining about how hard her life was, but maybe Bethenny has created stories in her head, which she now believes.

If Bethenny’s mother is so horrible, why isn’t she talking smack about Bethenny for money?  It makes no sense.  Perhaps her mother is mortified by her daughter, and wants nothing to do with her?  Maybe Mommy Dearest is more classy than trashy.

We are now going to spend forever watching Bethenny and Jason eat. For ten minutes, we are watching them eat, with nothing to really say to each other, and both of them so aware of the camera that you half expect them to turn to the cameraman and offer him a bite.

They are at their last dinner in St. Barts and it’s the same thing over and over because they have nothing to talk about. The entire time, Jason talked about how he wants to be involved.  Cut to New York and Bethenny is doing everything for the baby’s room without Jason.

She selects every single piece of furniture for the baby’s room, without Jason which is not cool or nice.  I think that is the bottom line with Bethenny.  She is not coming across as nice.  She appears to be selfish and quite garish. \ I’m not sure she can sustain another show.

We’re back in therapy listening to Bethenny complaining.  Is the only woman to have ever had a baby?  Get married?  Have issues with her parents?  She’s lives in Bethennyville where the only thing that matters appears to be her, which is not great television.

It’s yet another naked photo shoot with Bethenny which is interesting since her husband has issues with her always being naked.  Bethenny is at a doctor’s appointment and the most surprising thing is that she decided to let Jason go too!  So sweet. 

Next week the baby comes.  She tells Jason the baby’s room is apple green and he is surprised.  It’s sad that he finds out she did it all without him, in front of us.  I want so much to like this show and her, but she is making it really hard.  As for next week, I’m keeping the faith.