The Real Housewives of New Jersey : Teresa is Trash

I find this show painful to watch.  I will go as far as to say that I am embarrassed I even watch this show.  It is mortifying for the ladies, their families, their children, and themselves.  Let’s start with the facts, Teresa is vile, and if I were at that party, I would have decked her.

Danielle is pathetic, and while she is out for fame, there is no way on earth that this woman is a good enough actress to have been faking her performance this week.  I have not been shy about saying I think Danielle is a skank, but this week I’m on Team Danielle for the first time.

There is no point in going through the entire episode because it’s simply too gross, but let’s make a few things clear about these ladies of New Jersey.  The women we loved in the beginning, the same ladies who we wanted to live next door, are now just a bunch of bitches.

Danielle:  This chick is a whore.  Who cares?  There are worse things to be than a whore.  I can be friends with a whore, however I can’t be friends with a liar, or someone who endangers her children.  She is not innocent, and her history with these women is now coming into play big time. 

That said, Danielle did not deserve what Teresa did to her in this weeks episode.  It made me question all the times I thought she needed to be locked up, and wonder if maybe it’s really not all Danielle.  That Bravo is continuing to broadcast this show is insane.  At some pint should they not be decent?

Jacqueline is an idiot.  She is an uneducated moron who married well.  She got pregnant as a child, and how she got to where she is, I would imagine is quite similar to the path that Danielle took.  She started out as the sweet one, and in the end she is simply the stupid one. 

Teresa is a piece of garbage.  Seriously, if someone needs to say all the time how nice and great they are, chances are it’s probably not true.  The only thing more horrific than her behavior at the event, was her recounting what happened to her husband Joe. 

It’s like dumb and dumber with these two.  They are trash and it pisses me off they are on television.  They spent money so freely, knowing they were filing bankruptcy, and that says everything we need to know about who they are.  Any good thoughts about this woman are gone.

Teresa is an instigator and a bitch.  She is a fur wearing, animal torturing, lying piece of white trash who happens to have money.  Correction, had money.  Teresa’s actions on this week’s show ended my love affair with the ladies of New Jersey.  I am not watching anymore

Caroline tries to stay clean and out of the drama, but I’m not sure she can stay clean for much longer.  She may not be in the fire, but is fanning the flames from the sidelines and like she says, if you hang around with garbage long enough, you start to stink.  Hey Caroline, you stink.

I am not going to watch these chicks anymore.  I will tune in for the reunion show because that will be interesting, but my weekly participation has come to an end.  I have nothing to say to these women but to their children, you’ll all make it out okay if you keep the faith.