Bristol Palin is the Perfect Example of Why Gay Marriage Should Be Allowed

I want someone to explain how it is possible that celebrity whores Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston can get married, and loving gay couples cannot.  It is fascinating that these two kids, who clearly have no idea what they are doing, can have the blessing of the government, but others cannot.

How is it that people can say gay marriage mocks the institution of marriage, yet these two kids getting married does not?  I know so many gay couples that have the type of relationship I want for myself, and have marriages that I want my son to aspire to.

Bristol and Levi say they will be married within the next 6 weeks.  Really?  What’s the rush?  If they are serious about getting married and staying married, why don’t they take a year to mend what was broken, so they can start fresh?  I’ll tell you why.  SEX.

They say they want to practice abstinence until marriage.  Dear Lord.  Grow up kids.  We all know you’ve had sex.  YOU HAVE A BABY.  Have sex and build your relationship.  We will respect you more if you take your time, rather than rush to the alter just so you can get it on.  Your choices show how immature you are.

This entire situation is sad.  As a mother looking at the farce that surrounds these kids, I am sending prayers to Sarah and Todd Palin.  It’s a crushing blow when your kids make mistakes and all you can do is watch.  To Bristol, slow down, take a deep breath, and keep the faith.