Orthodox Jew Heads to the White House

Since we consider Washington the East Coast Hollywood (with at least as much drama), the latest news from our nation’s capital:

On Tuesday, President Obama announced his nomination for director of the Office of Management and Budget. The candidate, Jacob Lew, is an expert in his field—and, he’s shomer Shabbat.

Having commanded the position under the Clinton administration, Lew is lauded by the President as the “only budget director in history to preside over a budget surplus for three consecutive years.” Under his watch, the federal budget in the 90s went from deficit to $236 million surplus—and Obama’s hoping for a repeat performance: “Jack’s challenge over the next few years is to use his extraordinary skill and experience to cut down that deficit and put our nation back on a fiscally responsible path.”

However, as an Orthodox Jew, the federal budget isn’t the only thing Jacob Lew will have to balance. An MSNBC story, “” title=”Jewishworldnews.com” target=”_blank”>Jewishworldnews.com, he was an active member of Congregation Beth Shalom of Potomac and the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale.

Jacob Lew, if approved by the Senate, will be joining a party already in progress: