Why Do I Dislike Ali Fedotowsky As The Bachelorette?

I have stopped writing about this season of The Bachelorette.  Not only have I stopped writing about it, but I’ve stopped watching it too.  I get a lot of inquiries about my Bachelor/Bachelorette recaps, and it’s lovely that people miss them and write to ask me to keep them going.

I get asked every day why I dislike Ali Fedotowsky so much.  It’s no secret that I do not like this girl.  I have called her a liar, a skank, a fake and a celebrity whore, to name just a few things.  It’s interesting to note that when I write about her, a lot of people agree.

I love the Bachelor/Bachelorette series.  I have watched every episode of every season.  I have watched even when it was painful.  When Alex Michel was the Bachelor, and clearly a gay man, I still watched.  When Bryon was the Bachelor with no personality, I watched.

When people made fools out of themselves, I watched.  When hearts were broken, and huge mistakes were made, I watched.  I was loyal.  I sometimes felt frustrated, but I never felt that the show was treating me like an idiot.  It was a social experiment that could work, and I was a believer.

That all changed when the producers decided their audience would fall for anything, and invited Ali to be the Bachelorette.  They assumed that we were some dumb chicks, sitting on the couch, eating bonbons and would not mind that they selected a spoiled, manipulative girl to have a shot at love.

I have met Ali, interviewed her, and in my opinion, I think she is an idiot.  She is vindictive and mean spirited, and has pulled the wool over the eyes of the people who put on a really great show.  She came to the Bachelor with one goal, to be the Bachelorette.

People seem to forget that she cried about her fear of flying on The Bachelor with Jake.  She told him that she never went on family vacations because she was too scared to fly.  She told him it was debilitating, yet she would trust him to take her on a flight.  Really?

We are supposed to believe that a girl who missed out on holiday trips with her family is going to get in a little crop duster with a complete stranger?  The girl who was so scared to fly is now the Bachelorette who is flying around the world?  Come on.

Her crying about leaving Jake to go back to work was pathetic.  The job she simply had to get back to, making her leave the man she loved, only to quit it to then be Bachelorette?  She milked the entire situation and the only thing the entire charade proved was that she is a horrible fake crier.

When she finally, after 20 agonizing minutes, told Jake she needed to go, and collapsed in the hallway of the hotel, so the cameras could watch her fake cry, I wanted to pull all my hair out. She is a horrible actress and I did not buy a single second of it.

Ali hated Vienna and tried to get everyone else to hate her too.  She was jealous and hurtful.  She kept saying if Jake liked a girl like Vienna, then she was not the one for him.  Whatever.  She tried to get him to dump Vienna so she would then be the leader of the pack.

I’m guessing that if he had dumped Vienna, Ali would have bailed anyhow.  Being the girl who was picked by the gay pilot bachelor was never what she wanted.  She had her sites set on being famous, and manipulated the show so she would be selected as the Bachelorette.

I totally get that people go on this show to find fame and fortune.  Good for them.  Anyone who wants to be famous should apply for this show because you will get your 15 minutes, and you may even be able to turn it into something more.  Melissa Rycroft is the perfect example.

She managed to get dumped, by a guy she did not care about, because she was already in love with someone else, a man she coincidentally married right after she was dumped.  She went from just some chick, to America’s sweetheart in about a minute.

She is now co-hosting The Bachelor Pad.  She has no talent, is annoying as hell, yet there she is, a “celebrity”, living out the dream with stars in her eyes.  The only reason she is famous is because Jason dumped her.  Her fame came by accident.

I don’t mind Melissa because she was a contestant, not the star.  Every contestant that comes on this show is looking for fame on some level.  The issue I have with Ali is that she never came on to be a contestant.  She came on Jake’s season with the goal of getting her own season.

Maybe I am the stupid one for thinking this show can work.  I am a hopeless romantic, and as I search for love in my own life, I watch this show and I believe.  More importantly that thinking it can work, I want it to work.  I cheer for these people to find a happily ever after.

I watch because I hope that in a group of 25 people, one of them will be sincere and looking for love.  That gets shattered as the season progresses of course.  We see the lying, cheating and the dishonesty.  It does not matter that it’s all falling apart, because in the end love will be found.

Ali was never on this show looking for love.  She is too busy loving her own reflection to love anyone else.  Her laugh is annoying, her blank stares into space are ridiculous, and her miraculous recovery from a life altering fear of flying is pathetic.

I have asked her quite a few questions over the past year, and she never has a good answer, laughs it off, and quickly moves on to another interviewer who is more interested in kissing her ass, than dragging it out in the open and calling her out for her bad behavior.

Part of the appeal of the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows is that as the season progresses, the ones who are not sincere show their true colors and are eventually called out.  Wes is a good example of that.  With Ali, we knew she was not into it from the beginning, so the hope for love is gone.

I don’t care who Ali picks.  I don’t care if she gets married.  Whatever she decides will undoubtedly be based on what will further her career, not fill her heart.  She has killed the season, and so I’m not watching.  I will watch it next time around with some man she discards as the Bachelor.

I don’t like Ali.  I’m sure there are a lot of reasons why they selected her to be the Bachelorette, and even more reasons why rating are so high. I love this show, and she even though she has ruined it, I will be back next year. Watching, believing, and keeping the faith.