Lindsay Lohan Needs A Good Jewish Mother

Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 3 months in jail yesterday.  When she has served her time, she will go to an in-house rehab facility for an additional 3 months.  This is due to a DUI arrest back in 2007.  Not sure why it took so long, but bravo to Judge Marsha Revel for getting it done.

This has been a long time coming if you ask me.  I feel like we’ve been hearing about her and her bad behavior for years, with no consequences.  She’s been getting away with a lot of crap, and it’s time she grew up and was required to do what any non-celebrity would have to do.

I do not know Lindsay Lohan or her family, but I have no problem saying that I think her parents, and particularly her mother Dina, are disgusting. This woman has failed her child in a huge way.  I watched Lindsay grow up in the public eye, and her mother was always a concern.

Dina Lohan, in my opinion, is responsible for her daughter’s problems.  She treats this child like a business, not a girl who needs a mother.  I think her actions, or lack of action, is driven by greed.  Lindsay Lohan made her mother famous, and that fame, made her mother incompetent.

Lindsay needs to spend some time with a good Jewish mother.  She needs some good food,  good advice, a healthy dose of guilt, and love.  She needs someone to care about her because she is a human being, not because she gives them money.  She needs a mom, not a manager.

Lindsay is a good actress so it’s hard to tell if her tears in court yesterday were real or fake.  I think she was shocked that her good fortune finally ran out, but the tears seemed more angry than sad to me.  This girl is a mess, but not hopeless.  Her sentence is just what she needs to get it together.

My advice to Lindsay would be to do what the court has ordered, and cut off ties with her mother.  Let Dina earn a place in her life, don’t give her one just because she is her mother.  She may have given birth to her, but it would appear she stopped behaving like a mother long ago.

Lindsay Lohan is only 24.  If she is able to stay away from her mom, take it seriously, and view this turn of events as a blessing in disguise, I think she can have a comeback, and live a sober and healthy life.  Is she smart enough to figure it out?  I’m keeping the faith.