Vienna and Jake Crash, While Boston Med Soars

Reality television has received a crushing blow with the announcement that Vienna and Jake have broken up.  By broken up of course I mean the mud slinging he said – she said battle has begun.  Listening to them talk smack about each other is more entertaining than their season of The Bachelor. 

Many of my regular readers wrote to ask why I have not written about this reality television nugget of gold.  Well, I felt I needed more evidence to be able to have a clear opinion on what is a sad and unexpected turn of events.  By sad and unexpected, of course I mean The Bachelor curse continues.

Let me begin by saying that I have seen pieces of the interview that Chris Harrison does with Jake and Vienna which airs on The Bachelorette tonight, and I have read the print interviews that both have given.  For me, the one thing that is clear,  is that Jake is gay.

I called this early on in his season and feel that Jake admitting it, is the only thing that is now not out in the open.  In my blogs about Jake’s time as The Bachelor, in the beginning I was certain Vienna was a tranny, and Ali was my top pick.  Go figure.  It turns out Vienna is a chick, and Ali is a bitch.

I have met both Vienna and Jake and they are lovely people.  Jake is charming and handsome, while Vienna is prettier in person than she is on television.  Jake actually gushed about Vienna in the way that all women want their fiancé’s to gush.  The problem is that it was all fake.

In retrospect, I think Jake picked Vienna on purpose, so when he got his career going, it would be easy to dump her because a) he is gay, and b) no one liked her.  He figured we would side with him and think he was a saint, and she was a skank.  Sorry Jake, that plan is not really working.

If you look back at Vienna on The Bachelor, she was not the prettiest, smartest, funniest, nicest or sexiest woman there.  She was the most controversial.  Jake is a gay man trying to recapture the dreams of his childhood to be an actor, and he played the show like a fiddle.

He picked the one girl he could stomach having sex with, because in the end he would dump her, and everyone would think it’s because she’s horrible.  The question isn’t did he ever love her, but how hard was it for him to sleep with her?  Did he imagine Chris Harrison’s face when they kissed.

As for my favorite tranny Vienna, I believe her.  She totally had her eyes set on being famous herself, and used the show as a stepping stone to what she wanted, but even with that said, the heartache part of her experience is authentic.  Her gay boyfriend totally broke her heart.

It may be a while before these two fade away.  Jake will try to be an actor, Vienna will pose for Hustler, he will come out to Barbara Walters and she will announce she has had his baby and wants a paternity test.  Reality television as it’s best, and by best I mean worse.

If you are a reality television fan, this is a disappointing end.  We knew it wouldn’t last, but we thought maybe there was a chance it could end nicely, with her sitting in the front row of his wedding to Neil Patrick Harris on a perfect summer day in Connecticut.

The crushing blow of yet another Bachelor/Bachelorette crash and burn, is made a little easier to take with the arrival of Boston Med.  Airing on ABC, Thursday nights at 10:00 pm, this is an 8 week documentary series from ABC News.  It is riveting, compelling, brutal and reality gold.

Boston Med follows real doctors, nurses and patients around three hospitals in Boston.  The first two episodes have aired and are amazing.  It’s like watching Grey’s Anatomy, ER, House and every other medical drama, only it’s real.  After two weeks I am invested in these people.

The sound track is phenomenal, and the stories are gripping.  It has made me respect the medical field in a way that I did not before.  People who go into medicine are heroes.  What would become of the world if people just stopped wanting to have this career?  I could never do what they do.

Everyone should watch this show.  Forget your opinions regarding health care reform, and watch what these people do every day.  For a resident to study medicine for twelve years, and still not know if she will be good enough to be a doctor, is amazing.  This show is real life.

From the police officer who is brought in with gun shots from a robbery, to the patients waiting for organs for a transplant after another families loss, to the unborn child who will need to have heart surgery while we pray his dad will make it home in time from Iraq, this show is perfection.

The Bachelor and Boston Med are the highs and lows of reality television. One is fluff and escapism, while the other is nuts and bolts.  Each one is fascinating, and necessary.  Bravo to ABC which coincidentally is the network that brings us both of these worlds.

Maybe if Vienna and Jake would watch Boston Med, they would see they’re not that important, should go home, and move on.  I will watch the interview in its entirety tonight, but am sure my opinion will be the same.  Jake is gay, Vienna is heartbroken, and both need to keep the faith.