Mel Gibson will probably not win another Oscar

Poor Mel, the actor just can’t get his lines right.

Yesterday it was reported that he barked some pretty nasty things to Oksana Grigorieva, the mother of his child, that I won’t attempt to reproduce here. But suffice it to say, in one daring display, he managed to egregiously offend women, African Americans and decent people everywhere. He also wasn’t kind to pigs.

Gibson even managed to use both the N-word and the C-word in the crowning performance of his career, which critics are calling sexist, racist and misogynistic. Does his improvisation know no bounds?

You’d think the man would have learned to shutter his mouth after the 2006 DUI arrest/anti-Semitic tirade heard-round-the-world that effectively wrecked his career. But once again, Mel Gibson’s inner-monologue has become his outer-monologue, and once again, the Vatican II-rejecting Catholic has destroyed any hope for personal absolution. Or redemption. Or whatever it is you need when you actually manage to insult pork.

And just in case anyone was upset that Gibson got his anti-Semitism expunged from his police record, rest assured, baby mama Grigorieva caught the latest soliloquy on tape.

I think his punishment should be having to sit in a room with Jane Elliott.