Bethenny Frankel: After 3 Weeks, I Finally Get The Attraction

Bethenny, Getting Married? was painful to watch the first two weeks. I’ve developed a bi-polar love affair with Bethenny Frankel.  The RHONYC ended with my really liking her.  I took her side in all the drama with Jill, and was sincerely happy for all her successes, and hoped her show did well.

But by the end of the first episode, I could not stand to hear her voice.  She was shrill, abrasive, rude, and a hard-core bitch.  It was a shock after my feelings about her on The Real Housewives, but I was willing to stick by her, because maybe she just appeared harsh on her own, without buffers.

On week two, I thought she was a little more entertaining, somewhat funny, but still bitchy.  I did not get her and Jason together, and wondered if they would have been getting married, if she had not gotten pregnant.  My two first blogs about her show were met with harsh criticism.

To all the haters who felt the need to tell me I was a horrible human being for speaking badly about “their” Bethenny, I have crossed over to the dark side.  I thought she was great tonight.  A couple of my observations may still piss you off, but I finally get it and her.

Week three starts with a book signing at Costco. Bethenny is on fire for the shopping holy land, and it’s hilarious.  She is funny and adorable.  I loved her within two minutes.  Sidebar:  I too have almost come to blows over a roasted chicken at Costco.  It was the last one, and I touched it first.

It is an insight into a new relationship, with two people who love each other, but are clearly fast tracked into getting to know each other.  It’s charming to watch her and Jason interact.  He is really something.  He is patient, kind, and insanely attractive.

The book signing is a bust because only 3 people turn up, so she blows it off to go shopping with Jason.  He has brought her a little buffet of food samples, and it’s darling.  She seems to love him, and is sweet.  One might question the editing, and how she went from bitch to angel in a week.

We’re out of Costco and back to the wedding plans.  Bitchy Bethenny is trying to sneak out, but she is pushing her back and being good.  She is off to get her hair sampled for the wedding with Shawn, the most suffocating and hovering wedding planner in the world.

Sidebar:  Why is she not getting her hair done by her gay pal hair dresser Francky, who she said she would marry, and have a baby with, if she was not married and pregnant by the time she was 40?  Shawn is annoying her.  He knows it, she controls herself, and I find myself liking her.

Not sure why she has a wedding planner.  The poor guy is not allowed to do his job,  she does not trust him, and granted he should have been more of a yes man in the beginning,  he is the wedding planner, she is not.  If she let him do his job, she might be pleasantly surprised.

Shawn steps away to give her space.  He comes back, and Bethenny apologizes for being snippy.  She continues to be snippy, but she owns it, and Shawn rolls with the punches.  Best line of the night, in terms of Shawn, I may strangle him, just for fun.  Loved it.

Shawn wants some power in the wedding planning, but Bethenny says no.  Shawn is trying so hard to make her happy, and do his job, and their dynamic together is entertaining.  He tells her it’s all going to be well, and then in his interview, rolls his eyes over the Bridezilla.

Bethenny is shopping for maternity clothes with her friend Jake.  She is tired, and overwhelmed.  When she starts to cry, I want to hug her.  She is sick because her body is shutting down from all the stress and fatigue.  We see her as a little girl, who feels like she has no one to help her.

Jake is very supportive.  When she looks at him and says help me, help me, I feel like I finally get her, understand her humor, and see the woman who was so appealing on RHONYC.  Okay people, I admit it.  She is great, and I like her.  Took me a minute to get here, but here I am.

Bethenny and Jake sit and chat with the shop owner Rosie, who gives classes on getting ready for a baby.  Rosie is fabulous, and Bethenny is feeling better.  She heads off to therapy.  I wasn’t a fan of the therapy sessions on the first show, but I got it today.  Good for her that she is so open.

Bethenny and Jason are heading off to Atlantic City, for a joint Bachelor/Bachelorette party.  Max is helping her pack, and is clearly uncomfortable, but trying.  She is slinging the one liners, and I find myself actually laughing out loud.  Why this kid would want this job, I will never know.

Shawn shows up to tell her she got the Four Seasons for the wedding.  Cookie attacks him, which says a lot.  She is eating cotton candy, Shawn has redeemed himself, and life is good.  They discuss the wedding budget, and you can see they are starting to get a rhythm, just in time.

Bethenny and Jason go to Atlantic City with their friends.  They’re talking about how he proposed.  Jason says he knew she was the one, even though they were not monogamous, and dating other people.  The natural question here would be, is he sure the baby is his? 

It puts their relationship into perspective.  Are they getting married because she got pregnant?  Bethenny says she is 88% to92% sure she wants to marry Jason.  She’s had a tough haul, and I understand her fear.  But still, not sure it’s what I’d put out there for the masses to hear.

The gang is at dinner, and all is well.  They cut to an interview with Bethenny, and it was clearly done post baby.  Bethenny looks amazing.  Especially compared to the interview from earlier, where she is bloated, and in the final stages of her pregnancy.  It’s quite a dramatic difference.

Sidebar:  We get our first look at the Real Housewives of DC.  Not sure if I can watch another one of these.  By not sure, of course I mean I am going to watch it, blog about it, and get hooked on it like crack.  I can’t walk away, no matter how much I tell myself, and all of you, that I will.

It’s the morning after, and Jason wakes up without his shirt, yummy, but with Bethenny’s sash that says “Bride To Be”.  And so Atlantic City comes to an end.  The preview of next week has promise of Bitchy Bethenny returning.  Can she stay good Bethenny?  I’m keeping the faith.