Another Rollercoaster Ride with Bethenny, Getting Married?

After the first episode of Bethenny, Getting Married?, I wrote that Bethenny came across as a bitch.  Turns out that Bethenny’s fan are hardcore.  They love her, and were totally pissed off that I would have the nerve to say such a thing, repeatedly, about their heroine.

Episode two was on last night, and of course I watched it.  Bethenny went from being a complete and total bitch, yes she was, to funny, charming, and endearing.  She still had a couple moments where she made me cringe, but overall an improvement.

We start off with Bethenny meeting her wedding planner.  I don’t get how this guy, got this gig.  She is a control freak, as all brides are, and he lied to her at their first meeting, does not appear to understand what she wants, and yet she is still having him do her wedding.

Is he dating someone on the Bravo payroll?  Does Andy Cohen owe him a favor?  This guy is sweet, and I’m sure quite lovely, but I would have walked out after that initial meeting and found someone else.  He’s a used car salesman, disguising himself as a wedding planner.

The best part of the meeting is when Bethenny says she has a personality disorder, and she hopes nobody comes to her wedding.  Hilarious, and was timed perfectly.  She came across as endearing, not bitchy.  It’s a gift to be able to drop one-liners at the proper time, and she was off last week.

Jason’s parents are visiting, and Bethenny is on her own with them, because Jason is still stuck in Florida, due to bad weather.  Bethenny invited Jason’s mom, Carol, to come wedding dress shopping with her.  It’s very sweet.  They seem to be lovely people, and you like them immediately.

Bethenny is talking about how she wants to make the experience of the wedding, and baby, a great one for Jason’s parents.  At the risk of redeeming myself in the eyes of the Bethenny fan club, who are a little crazy, this made me cry.  I loved Bethenny at this moment.

You see her as a woman, who is scared, going through all these changes in her life, without a family of her own, and wanting so much to share it with Jason’s family, as that is all the family she will have.  We saw her in a raw, unguarded, and vulnerable moment.  She was not “on”, she was simply lovely.

Bethenny and Carol are in wedding dress hell, Bethenny is throwing out the one-liners like there is no tomorrow, when she turns to Carol and says thanks for coming with me.  Seriously.  I wanted to cry,  hug her, and tell Carol how happy I was for her.  Bethenny is turning the tide.

Bethenny finds the perfect dress.  Her entire face softens when she’s in it, and when she put the veil on, her reaction did me in, and I cried.  Carol gets up, hugs Bethenny, and says thank you.  She sits down, then Bethenny gets up, and hugs her again.  I’m now weeping.

You can feel the sadness about her own mother washing away.  She transfers all of her hopes and dreams for a mother, into Carol, and you know, at that exact moment, she will love her child, and provide her with all the things she was missing.  It’s an intimate, subtle, and powerful exchange.

Jason is back.  Important to note that this guy is stunning.  Seriously attractive.  He’s been gone, they are sitting, catching up, and bitchy Bethenny starts to show up.  She is intense.  Jason seems to get her, and handle it well, but still, bitchy rears it’s ugly head.

Bethenny is back in therapy.  Where last week she was “on” during therapy, you see Bethenny in this weeks session, not “on”, but honest.  It’s quite remarkable how different she comes across from last week to now.  I’ve always liked Bethenny, but this week, I feel like I finally know her.

Bethenny and her new assistant Max, are off to a luncheon in New Jersey for a Jewish ladies group.  Just when I thought Bethenny was fabulous, she bursts the bubble and is a complete and total bitch to the hostess of the party.  It was fun while it lasted.  The bitch is back.

Elvira, the hostess, is giving a luncheon, where Bethenny will speak and sign books. Bethenny is horrible.  She calls her a nut job, and a lunatic.  She says she feels comfortable around crazy people.  It was not funny.  Not even a little bit funny. 

I was embarrassed for her that she was so ungrateful, and said such hurtful things about a woman who was doing something nice for her.  Since when is Bethenny an expert on what Jewish women want?  She was offensive, and her stereotyping of Jewish women was ridiculous.

At some point Bethenny is going to need to learn boundaries.  She is funny, but she is not a comedian, so she needs to get better control.  Her sense of humor in terms of the gay community, and Jews, is way off, and I go from loving her, back to thinking she is a bitch, in a whiplash second.

We find out Bethenny is launching a skin care line.  Could these women whore themselves out any further?  What the hell does Bethenny know about skin care? Cookbooks I get, drinks I get, but skincare?  She is just like Jill and her book.  Selling something, she knows nothing about, to make a buck.

Bethenny and Jason are registering for the wedding gifts.  You see how different they are, and how cute they are together.  She’s kooky, he gets her, loves her anyway, and we all see it.  They are sweet, and I get it.  It’s charming to see them do the registry.

Here’s the thing, I love her.  I really do.  I‘m thinking that perhaps Bethenny is not a bitch, as much as her timing is occasionally inappropriate.  She is not mean spirited, she is just somewhat abrasive.  You’ve got to take it or leave it, she is what she is, and I think I shall take it, because she is compelling.

Important to note that Max is useless, as is Shaun.  Neither one of them seem to get her, be a match, or particularly good at their jobs.  I sound so bitchy and snarky.  Dear Lord, I’m just like Bethenny.  Maybe that is why I like her so much.  At the end of the day, you can’t help but watch this show.

I feel like two weeks of this show has been a rollercoaster.  I like her, I don’t like her.  She is funny, she is mortifying.  She is charming, she is embarrassing.  It turns out that Bethenny is doing the best she can, with the cards she’s been dealt, and we must respect her for trying.

I’m going to ride it out, and watch the rest of this series.  That said, beyond her wedding, and having her baby, I can’t imagine it would hold my attention for another season.  She changed my mind, and while I wait for the Bethenny lovers hate mail, I shall wish her well, and keep the faith.