Real Housewives of New Jersey: Don’t You Ever Call Me Crazy. Ever.

The problem with the Real Housewives of New Jersey, is that it has changed from being a fun reality show, to a soap opera.  It’s a chore to watch it now, which is a shame, because it used to be fun.  It’s become a caricature.  I’m still watching, but I sure do miss the ladies of Atlanta and Orange County.

We pick up with Dina still dumping Danielle.  I understand Dina’s frustration, but seriously, dump her over the phone, or send an email.  Why the need to go to a public place and have this type of exchange?  I don’t get it, and the only thing that makes sense, is Bravo made her, for the cameras.

It feels like a set up.  Dina is bagging on Danielle, but she is the one who invited her there, and she is the one who wanted to talk about everything, in a public place.  Dina is saying how the entire exchange is embarrassing, but what did she expect?  Danielle would just listen, say thanks, and leave?

Dina is embarrassing herself, and it’s too bad.  She should of just had this conversation over the phone.  Then Dina tells Danielle she is crazy.  Well we all know, the one thing you should never tell a crazy person, is that they are crazy.  It will put them over the edge,  Danielle will not be called crazy.  Ever!

Dina has been classy through all the drama with Danielle, yet she ends it all by driving away, calling her a crazy bitch.  It’s a shame.  Danielle is in the restaurant, and does what anyone would do after such an exchange.  She tells the convicted felons who protect her, to come in from the parking lot.

The goons come in and she is recounting the exchange.  They listen closely, and nod in agreement.  Best part is when Danielle says to Danny, who is fresh out of prison, and riding out his parole, “The guilty ones run.”  He nods, and it’s hilarious because he knows, we know, he’s been running.

Teresa, Caroline and Jacqueline go with all the kids to a farm to look at animals, and get pumpkins.  The kids are cute, and the husbands are cute.  Quite a schlep for 10 seconds of show, but whatever.  Derek and Ashley are there, and Derek is invited to a poker game, to be initiated into the family.

Dina goes to Caroline’s to tell her and Jacqueline about what happened with Danielle.  Every time Dina makes a point about how horrible Danielle is, Caroline looks at Jacqueline.  You can’t help but wonder if it’s all part of a bigger plan to get Jacqueline to completely blow Danielle off.

I’m not a fan of Danielle.  I think she is a crazy, an unfit mother, and in need of some serious mental health work, the thing is though, this family really has it out for her, and you can see it.  She was crazy before they met her, but they are clearly putting her over the edge.  Just ignore her already.

Sidebar:  Danielle does not know the difference between the words “women” and “woman”.  She constantly uses them the wrong way, and it’s annoying.  I get that she is not the most educated woman in the world, but seriously.  You’re on television now, crack open a book once and a while.

Danielle is out for lunch with her “girlfriends”.  Listen to me Bravo, these chicks have no place on television.  They are not even remotely interesting.  If they are there because they are the only people who are willing to listen to Danielle, then rent her better fake friends who are interesting.

Danielle is animated as she tells the story.  You almost get sucked into it, then remember you are watching a whack job.  Then Danielle pulls out her reading glasses to read an email from Dina.  It’s so funny that she is all over the place with a sex tape, then uses grandma reading glasses.  Hilarious.

Jacqueline told us last week that she was not friends with Kim G.  They just lived in the name neighborhood, but were not friends.  Cut to Kim G. going over for a coffee.  Kim G. is a lunatic.  She is playing both sides of the fence, she is looking to replace Dina on the show, and I’m not a fan.

Kim G. is telling Jacqueline that she told Danielle to let everything go, but we know Kim G. told her to go the police and press charges.  You can see the story getting built up, and again, this show is now more soap opera than anything else. It’s not as much fun as it used to be.

Danielle is at the new friends house talking about how she is ready to date again, after the horrible experience she had last year, and the sex tape scandal.  Really?  I got $20 that says she’s been having relations with Danny, and another $20 that says she loves her sex tape.

It’s poker night.  Steve, sex tape boy, has come to play.  Jacqueline calls him out to say that she is not pleased with him, and his selling of the tape.  Steve explains that the majority of the tapes, are things that Danielle shot, of herself, and sent to him.  She is a skank, and I am heartbroken for her kids.

Lying can never be good.  Just as Jill told lies for months, and they all came back to haunt her, so has Danielle.  It’s interesting that they have both become undone, for the same reasons, but in completely different ways.  Danielle is crazy, while Jill is an egomaniac.  Both shows are tired.

Danielle has gone lingerie shopping with her hags.  Really?  Who does that?  They are struggling to fill an hour, and it’s painful to watch.  We are now going to spend 20 minutes watching them initiate Derek into the poker group.  It’s a stretch Bravo.  Get back to the ladies, and the reality.

Everything that Jacqueline and Ashley say to each other, pisses each other off.  It’s classic teenager drama, and really rather entertaining.  That is the stuff we want to see, not a poker game, or Danielle shopping for lingerie.  Jacqueline kicks Ashley out, and it’s sad, but fabulous.

When watching reality television, the best part is when people you think are not at all like you, go through things just like you.  That’s the great thing about these ladies.  We see their lives and think it’s so different from our own, but in the end, they are just living it all out like we are.

We are now at a strip club with Danny, Danielle and her hags.  They are getting a pole dancing lesson.  They are working it out, while the felons watch.  Seriously.  Enough.  This show hit rock bottom this week.  They need to turn it around quickly, or I’m out.

The show ends with Dina bowing out.  Good for her.  We saw it coming from the first episode.  She has been sad all season, and not that invested in being there.  I like her, always have, and I agree that it’s best for her to go.  Without Lexi there, she does not care, and we all see it.

New Jersey has become boring, and I’m waiting for it to get it together.  Next week looks promising,  I love all things Caroline, and it looks like we’ll get some time with her next week.  I’m hanging on Jersey.  Come back and entertain us.  Not sure you can do it, but I’m keeping the faith.