Real Housewives of New York City – Reunion Part 2 is Attack Mode

Yesterday I blogged about Bethenny being a bitch on her new show, and people got upset with me.  The thing is, Bethenny is being bitchy.  That’s okay, and justified, but let’s be clear, she came out swinging tonight.  I get her frustration, but she could have taken the high road.

Everything that Bethenny said on part one of the reunion was true.  She made perfect sense, and I agree with her.  I feel however, she could have said all the same things without being so mean.  Between her premiere last night, and part two of the reunion, she is not coming off well.

Bethenny and Alex are attacking Jill for caring more about what people think about her, than her actual friendships.  True.  I think the backlash of bad press is what fuels Jill to try to right her wrongs.  Jill was the popular one, and when that started to not be true, she backpedaled. 

Jill is quietly begging Bethenny to forgive her.  It’s very sad.  Jill says she is not jealous of anyone, and happy with her life.  When Ramona says Jill called her, and told her to not film with Bethenny, she calls Ramona a liar. Two seconds later, she admits that she did say it, and says sorry.

It’s confusing to watch.  Jill denies everything, then changes her mind, and apologizes.  She is saying sorry for things without even being real clear on what she is sorry for.  Then Kelly gets into the conversation and surprise, surprise, she is making so sense.

Part two of the reunion is an attack on Jill, and while she was out of control this year, it seems a little much.  Jill is trying to defend her reaction to Ramona when she told her Bethenny’s dad died, but Jill is drowning in a sea of her own lies.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Alex calls Jill on her lies, and when Kelly tries to come to Jill’s defense, Jill tries to take Kelly’s words and have them dig her out, but in the end there was no denying it.  She bailed on Bethenny and their friendship.  Even the death of Bethenny’s dad, was not enough to make Jill behave decently.

She talks about how she called, texted, sent flowers, and offered to come to Los Angeles,  Jill talks a lot about what she was offering, and what she was thinking, but at the end of the day, she didn’t do anything.  She said it’s because she was scared.  Jill Zarin scared?  Right.

When asked about keeping Bethenny’s message for two months, she has no answer, and says it was a mistake.  Jill is then questioned about pulling the cancer card. Bethenny is asking why she told everyone it was just a “procedure”, when it was more serious, and again Jill is caught in a lie.

She starts by saying she had to talk about the cancer because people could see Bobby had something on his neck, but then says, after she announced he had cancer, she did not want to talk about it.  Turns out, if there was no camera crew to film it, Jill didn’t want to talk about it.

Again, Bethenny is calling Jill out on her lies, and again, Jill is saying she is sorry, and Bethenny is right.  Alex backs up Bethenny, and Jill is pissed.  Alex, Ramona and Bethenny all have the same story, and Jill can’t dig out of the hole.  Jill says all she wants to do is move forward.

Translation:  we have no idea how many lies Jill told.  Jill starts to walk off again, and they get her to stay.  Bethenny comes to her defense, saying Jill’s taken enough hits, but Bethenny is the one doing all the swinging.  She can attack, but when it’s someone else, it’s too much and she is sympathetic. 

We get to take a break from the attacks on Jill, when Andy Cohen brings out Sonja.  I love this woman.  She is just what this show needed, and now that we know and love her, she should stay, and Jill should go.  Jill has sucked all the joy out this show, and it’s time for her to move on.

Sonja is open and refreshing.  She is single, gorgeous, and why shouldn’t she be having sex?  You’ve got to admire her for putting it all out there, in a real way, in terms of dialogue with the other women.  We know they’re having sex, but maybe Sonja is the only one having good sex.

Sonja says she has had a one night stand, but that her “customers” generally pay her a return visit.  She is adorable.  I think she could carry her own show.  She is funny and unguarded, but never really “on”.  That’s the difference between her and Bethenny.  Sonja is real, Bethenny is an act.

Kelly says she has never had a one night stand.  She is shy.  How can you pose for Playboy, then be coy, and say you are shy?  Kelly is a whack-a-doodle. Countless is sitting there not saying anything, because she is a lady, but you know, deep down, she wants to talk to Sonja about sex.

Listening to her talk about her life, child, body, and insecurities, you can’t help but want to be friends with Sonja.  It’s how we felt about Jill in the first year of the show, before she got too big for her britches.  Sonja is a hoot.  I admire and respect her.  It’s a shame about the drunk driving.

It does not matter what you ask Sonja, she’s got an answer, and it comes quickly.  She does not need to think up a lie, or the best way to say her answer.  She just speaks, and I love that.  Jill is called out on saying something rude about Sonja, but Sonja is cool.

She says anyone can say anything they want about her, make a joke at her expense, and as long as she is able to defend herself, she is okay with it.  Sonja is a grown up.  Granted she’s only been on there a year, and she could break under the pressure like the rest, but right now, she is the grown up.

Jill is apologizing again.  Saying she kept trying to be funny, but it never came off right.  She is not funny.  Countless tries to get into the conversation, but she really has nothing interesting to say.  If she didn’t try to speak up, we would not even know she was there. 

They show a tape of one-liners, and the lemons comment from Kelly comes up.  Kelly announces she has developed a drink, and they show a shot of Bethenny, who is clearly annoyed Kelly created a drink. Countless asks if it’s the Mexican version of a margarita.  Countless needs to stop talking.

They show Kelly’s nervous breakdown, and we are again reminded, this woman is a danger to herself.  She refers to her nervous breakdown as a “break through”.  She also refers to the ladies by their first and last names, which is creepy.  Kelly is ranting about her experiences, and it’s really sad.

She is talking about how the ladies are all bullies, and have been systematically bullying her from the beginning.  She rambles on about how she begged her agent to get her off the show, and something about an intervention with Bethenny to get her to stop bullying.  This woman is insane. 

There was a tiny part of me that thought Kelly could perhaps explain what happened in St. John, but it’s not going to happen.  Ever.  She is simply not well.  I did however get a kick out her calling the show the Crazy Train.  Funny since she was so offended when I kept calling it that last year.

Bethenny looks like she is going to haul off and hit Kelly.  I think Bethenny has the same attitude now, at the end of the season, that Jill had at the beginning of the season.  Bethenny needs to check herself, and her ego, before it takes her over, like it did Mrs. Zarin.

Andy recaps what Kelly just said, and she says no, that’s not what she said.  Jill tries to help her by whispering to her that is what she just said, and she denies it again.  Bethenny’s mocking of Kelly is off the charts.  She can’t even disguise her contempt for this crazy woman.

Kelly is saying she was forced by Bravo to go to St. John, and Andy is denying that’s true, and Kelly rebuts with her standard, “Thanks very much, I appreciate it.” The woman is not only on the train to Crazytown, she is going first class, and perhaps having a one night stand with the conductor.

Perhaps we are mistaking her stupidity for insanity.  It could be that she is not crazy, as much as she is really, really stupid.  Countless asks her why she was the instigator on St. John, and didn’t lay low.  She has no answer.  She is unable to carry on a conversation with anyone but the voices in her head.

Next week will be the third and final installment of the reunion.  Ramona has a moment, Kelly is delusional, and all the loose ends will be wrapped up.  It will be interesting to see how they cast the show now that Bethenny is gone.  I’m hoping it does not include Kelly.  For that wish, I shall keep the faith.