Bethenny Frankel Has It All, But Is A Little Over The Top

Bethenny’s new show, without the other women of The Real Housewives of New York City, has begun airing.  It’s cute, she’s cute, and I get why she got her own show.  That said, she is a little over the top.  When she was part of the group, she was entertaining, by herself, she is a little annoying.

It’s only been one episode, and it could go either way.  She will either make us all really love her, or we will turn on her faster than we did on Jill Zarin.  Time will tell, and I won’t speculate or assume. I’ll watch with all of you, and break it all down as I see it.

We start with Bethenny appearing in a celebrity fashion show.  She is already rubbing me the wrong way.  Had she said something about the fact that she was being considered a celebrity at all, it would have been cute.  Instead, she is just rambling off one liners, and it’s not funny.

When someone talks all the time about how busy they are, and everything being so great, it makes me question them.  Some things don’t need to be shoved down people’s throats.  I loved her on part one of the RHONYC reunion show, but not so much here.  I hope that changes.

Jason and Bethenny are in the kitchen having breakfast.  Sidebar:  all she does is talk badly about how she looks pregnant.  She jokes and complains about how hideous she is.  As someone who it took years to get pregnant, I think for her to be complaining all the time about how her pregnancy looks, is unappealing.

Being pregnant is a blessing.  We all joked about the size of our ankles, and how unattractive we felt, but she doesn’t do that.  What she does, is say pregnancy is disgusting, and she looks disgusting.  She needs to shut up already with all the jokes about her being gross.

Jason and Bethenny are talking about her hiring a new assistant.  He does not want her to hire a single young guy, and she thinks that is ridiculous, because she is so unattractive pregnant.  Uh huh.  Jason comes across as the most wonderful man ever.  He is gorgeous, and loves her.  He is the real star.

Bethenny says she loves her new apartment,  She never refers to anything as theirs, only as hers.  It’s all about her, and as much as I love her, and want to keep loving her, we are ten minutes into her new show, and the only cute thing she ‘s done, is have a moment with a spoon of icing.

Jason wants a housewarming party, and she freaks out at the idea of having 8 couples.  The thing is, she is deciding with the assistant, not with Jason.  She is going to interview new interns.  The first guy comes, and before even meeting him, she is bagging on how he looks.  Not funny.

This kid was adorable.  He was smart and funny, and it was a shame she did not hire him.  She would have benefited from someone like that, and she could have helped him refine who he was, as he transitioned from college student to full time grown up in the real world.

The handsome young guy comes in, and he’s got the job before he even speaks.  He knows all about her and her celebrity, and she loves that.  He either researched her completely, or tunes into the RHONYC.  She tells Jason, and he rolls with it.  He is great, she is again bagging the pregnancy.

Bethenny and Jason are at dinner.  She wants to talk about planning the wedding, and they talk about whether to get married, or have the baby first.  Again, I’m sure she is trying to sound funny about the baby, but in the end, she is being a bitch.  She does not seem to be happy about having a baby.

When talking about numbers, she says that preparing a guest list is going to be harder for her, than him, because she knows more people.  She is coming across as bossy, mean, selfish and dismissive.  He is telling her he wants to include his friends and family, and she says he is being combative.

I keep waiting for her to do something that will engage me, but we are 31 minutes in, and still nothing.  Bethenny heads to therapy, and they show it.  It takes credibility away for me that she would shoot it for the show.  She is very aware the camera is on.  I’m fast-forwarding over this part.

Jason is getting acquainted with the new assistant Max.  He is charming, she is brash.  They are talking about friends visiting, and she loses it.  She is mean.  She comes across as quite horrible during this conversation.  She is selfish, which is always going to be problematic in any relationship.

They are going to select their wedding bands, and she is out of control.  She says that she is not wrong.  Does that not mean she needs to be right?  Did she not say on RHONYC that being right does not matter?  She’s a little hard core.  Jason loves her so much, and she is brutal on him.

Bethenny is getting ready for the housewarming party, and waiting for Jason to come home.  She is wearing the most ridiculous outfit ever.  Her new assistant hates it that anyone would assume he was gay, and Jason is stuck in Florida because of the snowstorm in New York City.

Bethenny is screeching, and is abrupt with Jason,  She resented having the party at all, but now she needs to do it on her own.  The guests start to arrive.  She could not be nicer to her friends, while being completely rude to Jason’s friends.  She is being a bitch.

Alex and Simon arrive to the party, and she gives them a little dig.  It’s so hypocritical.  She clearly invited them there, and yet she rolls her eyes like she was forced to have them there.  She thanked Alex profusely for being such a good friend last year, but is horrible about her coming.

Not sure what I think about this show, but I am sure Bethenny deserves to be happy.  I left the reunion show last week, totally loving her, and I still do.  I just think she comes across as a little too much.  Perhaps it’s because when she was on RHONYC, we got her in small doses, so it was a breath of fresh air.  Here, it’s all her, so maybe it will take a minute to adjust.

The peek at what is coming up looks like it will be good.  I am certain it will be blogging gold.  She got everything she always wanted, and never thought she could have.  It’s wonderful to go on the ride with her. What I’m not certain of, is if I will like or dislike Bethenny in the end.  I want to like her, so I’m keeping the faith.