What did Jerry Brown say?

People seem to be saying a lot of strange things these days.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown allegedly compared Meg Whitman’s campaign tactics to that of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels during a quick “stop and chat” with a ” title=”Helen Thomas” target=”_blank”>ill-timed declarations, but given the Internet’s growing ability to spread rumors and exaggerate situations (For instance: ” title=”Sovern Nation” target=”_blank”>Sovern Nation:

I ran into Jerry Brown the other day. Or, rather, he ran into me. Literally.

I was out for a bike ride in the Oakland hills and stopped at Redwood Regional Park to fill up my water bottle. Suddenly, up jogs Jerry, in his sweats, chugging along the trail. As he caught his breath and got some water from the fountain, I said hello. He recognized me but couldn’t remember my name, something that has happened many times between us over the past 25 years. I reintroduced myself, and he asked me if I was still at KCBS. I said I was, and complimented him on his impressive fitness for a man of 72. He’d run perhaps a mile and a half from his house on Skyline Boulevard.