Top Jewish moment at the MTV Movie Awards: Scarlett and Sandra kiss

I’m not sure why MTV insists that two female stars kiss at their movie awards every year, but lo and behold, they do.

It all began with Britney and Madonna and their kiss heard round the world, and continued this year with Scarlett Johansson and Sandra Bullock, a special treat for members of the tribe since Johansson is like the Jews’ very own barbie doll. And Bullock – besides having been married to a man who liked to dress as and sleep with a Nazi impersonator—gets Jew-props for having her newly adopted son circumcised

The backstory for this year’s kiss is that Bullock was nominated with Ryan Reynolds, Johansson’s husband, for their smooch in “The Proposal.” And since Reynolds couldn’t be there, Johansson wanted a kiss of her own.

After some subdued and silly scripted flirting, Bullock grabbed Johansson’s face and went in for the kiss—but only after she debunked the latest tabloid rumors swirling around her divorce from Jesse James. When the exploitative sexual tactics concluded, Bullock did her tikkun and suggested everyone pray for the people impacted by the Gulf oil spill.

Oh, Hollywood, always so civically minded even in the throes of passion.

Watch the kiss:

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