Broadway For Dummies: Lesson #1: Don’t Go If You’re Homophobic

Last night I went to see the Broadway classic, “A Chorus Line”, at The Pantages Theater in Los Angeles.  I went with my teenage son, and we were both looking forward to seeing it, as neither one of us ever had.  The tickets were a generous gift from friends, and so we headed out for a night at the theater.

As we were walking into the theater, I heard a man behind me using profanity, and yelling.  I turned around to see what was happening, and the man was clearly upset.  I overheard him speaking to someone he was with, telling him that a man has used a derogatory slur.

I asked him what was going on, and he explained to me that as he was walking into the theater, two of the gentlemen he was with held hands.  An older man walked passed them and said, loud enough for all of them to hear, “I hate fa$%^#s”.  He actually said it out loud.

Not only did he say it out loud, he said it loud enough for the men he was referring to, to hear him.  It was really sad.  I was sad for the men, sad for the idiot who said it, and sad for my son that he heard it.  It’s upsetting when people let hurtful things slip out, but this, was not that.

This was an idiot, who made a deliberate decision, to hurt a complete stranger, for no other reason than he was different from him.  It made me sick.  I was upset for the couple, but proud of their friend for standing up to a bully, and calling him out on his ignorance.

I hugged the young man who had the slur directed at him, and told him he can love whoever he wants.  I then reminded my fabulous son, that he too could love whomever he wanted, and I would love him and his boyfriend if he were gay.  I also reminded him, that his boyfriend would need to be Jewish.

I don’t understand the need some people have to be so hateful.  It reminded me of last week, when the woman at Target told me that kids with Down’s Syndrome, were being punished by God for their parents sins.  What kind of a world do we live in, that these opinions exist?

The most upsetting thing was not that they were a gay couple, but that they were yet another two, gorgeous men, that are not available to me.  It’s not surprising that the last couple of men I’ve met, on my search for love, have been gorgeous, charming, funny, smart and gay.  That’s how I roll.

I went up to the couple after the show, and asked them to read my blog today.  Tony and Matt were the delicious couple who mistakenly thought that as Americans, they were allowed to hold hands in a public place.  Silly boys.  Don’t you know gay people don’t get the same rights?  Its only 2010, what are they thinking?  (Insert sarcastic laugh, and eye rolling, here.)

I also went up to the man who uttered the slur, introduced myself, gave him my card, and told him to read my blog today.  To you Sir, I want to let you know, incase you were unclear, you are an idiot. A hate filled, sad little man, who is lucky I never heard you say it, because I would have lost it.

Matt and Tony were at the theater with their friend Michael.  Yet another gorgeous guy, who will never date me.  To Michael, I want you to know that I was proud of you for being brave, and making your disgust at the idiot clear.  Others may have kept quiet, but you were a man, and stood up for what was right.  Bravo.

When we were walking away from the theater, you thanked me for my support.  It was lovely of you to say, but not necessary.  You don’t need to thank me for being a decent human being.  I was not being supportive Sweetie, I was being decent.

Whether people are gay or straight, conservative or liberal, Christian or Jewish, it just does not matter.  It is not our obligation to point out how we are different, but rather to be kind to each other. It is our responsibility to treat each other as human beings, and all human beings are deserving of respect, freedom, and joy.

We won’t worry too much about the idiot.  He was surprised to see gay people at A Chorus Line?  Clearly he’s not that bright.  To anyone who does not like gay people, you should probably stay away from the theater.  I imagine this was not an isolated case of homosexuals at the theater.  I’m just saying. 

To everyone who thinks being gay is wrong, you’re wrong.  To anyone who thinks it’s okay to be rude, you’re wrong.  To Tony, Matt, Michael, and every gay and lesbian person, who has been unfairly judged, there are people who love and respect you.  We support the quest for equality, and must all keep the faith.