God Bless America, God Bless the Troops & Happy Memorial Day

I was not sure what the difference is between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day, so I looked it up.  What I learned, was that while both days are about honoring those who serve in the armed forces for our country, Veterans Day pays homage to all Americans who have worn the nation’s military uniforms, both living and dead, while Memorial Day is a day to remember all U.S. military personnel who died in wars or other military actions.

This day is very important.  I would hate to think that people look at the day as simply some time off of work, to BBQ with friends and family.  Every single day, including this Memorial Day, someone will die, or be injured, while serving this country, on our behalf.  It is our duty, to remember that today is about the troops, past and present. 

To every man and woman, who is serving, both here in the USA, and overseas, thank you.  To every mother and father, who has a child serving, thank you.  To every child, who has a parent serving, thank you.  To every family, who is waiting for their loved ones to come home, thank you.  To every family, who has lost a beloved member of their family, thank you.  To all of you, you have our heartfelt thanks.

I have a friend who is currently in Iraq.  He is a new friend to me, a life long friend of a dear friend of mine, and he is a hero.  His name is Major Randy Langer, he is a career military man, and is in Iraq for the first time.  He will be there for a year, and today is about him.  To Randy, and all the men and women who are serving, you are all in our thoughts and prayers.  We are waiting for you to come home, safe and sound.

I met Randy last year, and he is the only soldier that I personally know.  He is very tall, very handsome, and very brave.  I happen to think that all men who wear a military uniform are handsome, but even in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, Randy is gorgeous.  I’ve been thinking about Randy for a few days.  His being deployed to Iraq, has changed how I view every single person who is serving our country.  It’s now not only real, but it’s personal.

There are kids serving who are not that much older than my child.  There are men and women serving who are missing their kids.  It is a huge sacrifice to be in the military, and I can’t wrap my head around what it must feel like to be on a plane heading overseas, or on a plane back home, having finished a tour of duty.  I imagine heading in either direction is scary.

As you all enjoy this holiday, remember the people who are serving.  Remember those who are overseas.  Remember those here at home.  Remember those who are coming home injured.  Remember those who are getting ready to go.  Remember every single person, who has ever put on a uniform, and served the United States of America.  They dedicate their lives, to our being able to live ours.

If you see someone in uniform, say thank you. Put the armed forces in your prayers.  I am blessed to live in America, and honored to know Major Randy Langer.  To Randy, be well, be safe, and know you are in our thoughts and prayers.  Thank you to everyone who fights every day to make this a great country.  You are in our hearts, we are all waiting for you come home, and we are keeping the faith.