Tiger Wood’s #1 Whore, Rachel Uchitel, Is Jewish. So What? And Heading To Playboy. Maybe.

Rachel Uchitel, slept with Tiger Woods.  He dug her, and she was his number one gal.  Not sure what that means exactly, but she would have us think it meant that they were in love.  Did he like her because she was discreet?  Did he spend so much time with her because she could keep a secret?  Did he dig her because she was Jewish?  No.  He dug her because he was cheating on his wife, and she was a whore.

When Jews do great things, no one cares.  But when a Jew does something bad, it’s because they’re a Jew.  Who cares that she is Jewish?  Why does that need to even matter?  Does Ms. Uchitel think we will look beyond her claim to fame, and think she is just a nice Jewish girl, who made some bad choices?  Is her being Jewish supposed to make me go easy on her?  If it walks like a tramp, and talks like a tramp, it’s a tramp.  In this case, it just happens to be a Jewish tramp.

Rachel Uchitel has decided to pose for Playboy, for a big fat paycheck.  Apparently she can back out of it if she wants to, without any lawsuits from Playboy.  How sweet of Playboy to be so kind.  I get that we live in a time where people cheat, and celebrities are targets.  I get that things happen, and it’s Tiger’s fault for cheating.  What I also get, is that it’s disgusting, that she is now making money for her part in the Tiger Woods fiasco.

To be clear, I happen to like Playboy.  I think they take beautiful pictures, and some women who I admire and respect, have posed for them.  My issue is that this woman is posing, and getting paid, for no other reason than she sleeps with famous, married men.  Playboy is classy, and Rachel Uchitel is not. If she belongs naked anywhere, perhaps she should head over to Hustler. Seems like a better fit to me.  She could do a nice double shoot with some of Jesse Jame’s gal pals.

It drives me crazy that this chick is “famous”, just because she sleeps with men, who happen to be famous, and married.  In my opinion, she is disgusting.  She is a professional celebrity banger, who was hoping to steal a husband, from his wife.  To all the celebrity men who have slept with her, get ready, because it’s coming out, and she will try to make a buck off of it.  She was reportedly paid $10 million to not talk about Tiger.  That, my friends, is a whore.  She is not posing for Playboy because she needs the money, but because she needs the attention.

Tiger’s $10 million was well spent.  I bet David Boreanaz is wishing he gave her a check too.  In her text messages to Boreanaz, another married celebrity she tried to steal away from his wife,  she wrote: 

RU: “I need you here so we can be together.”

DB:  “This is not a good time.”

RU:  “I can’t do this anymore. Just go. Just (bleeping) go and be with her.”

DB: “Why do u act like such a (bleeping) child! She is my wife.”

RU: “Oh, please!! You’re such a liar. You’re never leaving. You’ve wasted my time and I’m once again alone. I can’t (bleeping) be alone anymore. I’ve been alone my entire life.”

Poor baby.  I feel so sorry for her.  Are we to believe, that out of all the men in the world, and with her looking like she does, the only men she could find, happen to be married?  My heart bleeds for her.  By bleeds for her, of course I mean, shut the hell up Rachel.  Her disrespect for the men she latches onto, and the open hatred she has for their wives, is unnerving.

She is a disturbed woman, who is trying to find a husband by stealing him, rather than getting one of her own.  As for any attempts that she is making to redeem herself, and ask for forgiveness, posing for Playboy, shoots all that to hell.  Families were broken, and now she will make money off of the tears of other women.  That’s not very Jewish if you ask me.

I don’t care that Tiger Woods cheated on his wife.  It’s none of my business if he slept with every woman on the eastern seaboard.  It will not affect my life if he repairs his marriage, or it ends in divorce.  All he is to me, is blogging gold.  As for Rachel Uchitel, just because she slept with the king of golf, it does not make her matter, and whatever she did or did not do, had nothing to do with her being Jewish.  Tiger may be a pig, but it’s better to be a pig, than a whore.

It’s lovely, that years from now, when Tiger’s kids grow up, and this mess has been all but forgotten, they will be able to go online, and not only learn all about what their father did, but see naked pictures of who he did.  Charming.  Rachel Uchitel has three weeks to change her mind about posing, and I hope she does.  We don’t care, but those kids will one day.  Do the menschy thing, and don’t pose for Playboy Rachel.  Remember your faith, so you can keep the faith.