Russell was Robbed, Bret Michaels is impressive, & Eric Won The Bet

Last night on the season finale of Survivor.  Russell came in 3rd place, having received no votes from the jury.  He was robbed.  People voted on who they liked, not who played the game the best.  The only conciliation, was that he once again received the fan favorite prize of $100,000.

Nobody voted for him, because they did not like him.  Who cares?  It’s not a popularity contest.  Russell outwitted, outplayed and outlasted everyone.  This season was supposed to be about returning, revenge, and redemption.  In the end it was about a man who played brilliantly, and was then judged harshly, for screwing everyone over, in a game that is built on screwing people over. 

If there was going to be a winner other than Russell, I’m glad it was Sandra, over Parvati.  With her husband serving in Afghanistan, was nice it was her.  That said, it should not have been her.  It should have been Russell.  He was robbed.  To Eric, my son’s friend, YOU WON.  He bet me Sandra would win, and I thought he was crazy, but he won the bet.

I would like to publically acknowledge that Eric is awesome.  Truly a remarkable 14 year old boy, who is brilliant, and called this one.  I was wrong, and he was right.  He is a genius.  Did I mention that he won the bet, and is truly the most awesome child in the universe?  To be clear, he is the best.  I believe this blog, as now cleared the bet on my part.

Bret Michaels made it into the final round on Celebrity Apprentice.  He is up against Holly Robinson Peete, who I hope does not win.  She is mean, and did not play the game nicely, and should lose at the final hour.  Bret Michaels surprised us all, impresses us each week, and deserves to win.

I think Russell is divine, Bret Michaels is fabulous, and Eric is awesome.  Reality television, while not really based in reality, is entertaining.  Tonight I’ll spend the evening in New Jersey, and watch a little Dancing With The Stars.  Sometimes reality television takes the edge off a stressful day.  I love to watch it.  As for me ever being on a reality show., not a chance.  For that, I am keeping the faith.