Love, Hate, Choices, Sex, Dating, and a DWTS Farewell to Niecy Nash

I wrote about a lot of different things over the past week.  I’m always surprised by the mail that my blog gets.  It is positive, negative, scary, educational, and always entertaining.  I found this week’s comments to be particularly interesting.  This is what I learned from my blog, and life, this week:

Love:  I love my son.  Unconditionally, and completely love him.  I feel honored to be able to celebrate Mother’s Day with him every year.  We are going to court this week to tie up some custody issues, and I have been inspired by how poised and mature he is.  He is a remarkable young man, and makes me want to be a better person.

Hate:  I wrote about online dating, and got a letter that said dating online was for losers, and desperate people. He wrote that he hated me, and those like me, who think we can find love online.  Hate is a big word, and using it to describe millions of people, you don’t know, takes balls.  Good for you.  I’ve got $20 that says that writer is looking for a date, online, right this minute.

Choices:  I wrote about the movie BABIES, and how much I loved it.  I mentioned that our children will become what we teach them to become.  That is a lot of power for parents, because what we teach them, will give them the ability to change the world for the better, or worse.  I wrote that one of things I teach my son, is that everyone is in charge of their own bodies.  It was a broad statement, but an important one.

A reader immediately wrote to bash me for being pro-choice.  She let me know I was going to hell for believing that a woman can kill a baby, that God placed in her womb, and mentioned something about my son getting his girlfriend pregnant one day, only to have the girlfriend murder my grandchild.  To this writer, I have a little advice for you:  time to self-medicate.

Sex:  I found out that a friend of mine, who is 42, and gorgeous, has not had sex in 7 years.  7 YEARS.  I think that must be a blog all its own, for next week. 7 years!

Dating:  Things ended rather abruptly with “Ari” the Israeli.  It was all quite civil.  As civil as things can be when you are dumped by text message.  It has been a couple of weeks since we had any contact.  Then, out of nowhere, he sent me a text to wish me a happy Mother’s Day.  Shame that one did not work out.  I liked him, and in the end, he was just not that into me.

Niecy Nash was voted off of Dancing With The Stars.  I thought she was really great.  I loved her attitude, her sense of humor, how she worked her body, how proud her mom was of her, and how much her boyfriend enjoyed watching her dance.  She was never going to win, but she made it to the final four, and that is huge.  Mazel Tov Niecy.

Regardless of whether the comments people send are good or bad, I love getting them.  I appreciate every single person that reads my blog, and regardless of whether they agree with me or not, I love that they feel strongly enough to send a note.  Writing Keeping The Faith, helps me to keep the faith.