Happy Mother’s Day

Being a mother is the greatest job in the world.  The truth is, I’ve never thought of it as a job, so much as a privilege.  I love my kid.  I love him more than I can properly articulate.  He is 14 years old, which is crazy, because I feel like just yesterday he was a baby.  I got divorced when my son was not even a year old.  We are very close, partly because it’s been him and I for a long time.

When he was 4 years old, he told me he didn’t want me to get married again. I told him I wouldn’t get married until he was ready, and when he was, he should tell me.  When he was 10, he told me I should start dating.  When he was 12, he told me he thought I should get married.  As he gets older, he becomes more concerned with my meeting someone.

My son has always wanted to go university in New York City.  NYU has been his plan for as long as I can remember.  I’m not sure how he made this decision, but it’s his goal.  I have been preparing for his leaving for college since he was little.  My whole life is built around this kid, and if his dreams come true, then so do mine.  He is my top priority.

He told me recently that if I was not married, by the time he graduated from high school, he would go to college here in Los Angeles.  I told him that was silly, and he was going to NYU.  He insists he will not leave me alone.  Of course I will never allow him to set aside his dreams for me, but at the same time, I am proud that he would even consider staying here for me.

His concern for me is one of the reasons I date so much. Apart from the fact that I like being in a relationship, and am looking for one for me, I feel a little pressure to find one for him.  I need to find a man, so my son can leave, and become a man. Some people will think it’s unusual, but it’s not.  It’s simply a story about a mother and son, who love and respect each other.

We raise our kids to be good people.  We want them to have better lives than we did, with all the advantages that are available to kids of this generation.  My child is good people.  At 14, he still hugs me in public, tells me he loves me in front of his friends, calls me when he’s out to let me know he is okay, is interested in my opinions, and trusts me with his secrets.

This morning he gave me a gorgeous pearl bracelet and earrings for Mother’s Day.  I love them, and will treasure them forever.  He also gave me a very funny card, and I want to share what he wrote inside.

Dear Mom,

I cannot explain the love I have for you as my mother.  You are the best Mom a boy could ask for.  You have always been there for me, and you will now, and forever, be my best friend.  You let me pursue my dreams, and for that I cannot thank you enough.  I love you so much and wish you the happiest and best Mother’s Day Ever.

Lot’s of Love,

Your Son

My son will be going to NYU in 4 years, and I can’t wait to see this dream come true for him.  I will support his desire to leave, just as my mother did for me, when I wanted to come to California.  I am a wonderful mother, because I have a wonderful mother.  To my Mummy, and all the moms, I wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day.  I hope it’s relaxing and full of joy.

To my son, I love you.  I could not be prouder of you.  Not just because you are my son, but because you are a wonderful human being.  Thank you for making all my dreams come true.  Being your mom is truly a blessing.  If I’m married or not, if I have a boyfriend or not, you are going to university in New York City.  I am your mother, and you have to do what I say.  Why?  Because I said so.  Now go clean your room.

I hope my son remembers all the things I’ve taught him. I hope he forgives me for the mistakes I’ve made.  I hope he lives happily ever after. I hope he marries a wonderful woman, and has healthy babies.  I hope I am here to see it all.  I hope that if he remembers only one thing I’ve said, for the rest of his life, it’s that no matter what happens, good and bad, he must always keep the faith.