Hip-Hop Music Straight Out of Israel

I have discovered a band that I am very excited to share with you.  Actually, they found me.  The guys found my blog here at the Jewish Journal, and started following me on Twitter.  I checked them out on Twitter, and immediately became a huge fan of their work.

“Shtar”, which in Hebrew translates to the word “contract”, is an amazing group of young men who are creating an unique sound all their own.  Although they connected in an unusual way, one could argue it was all beshert.  Their music is hypnotic, and I love it.

The members of the band are producer/songwriter, Binyamin Adam, hip-hop lyricist, Ori M’Ori, vocalist Dan, bass player, Alex Lopez-Dias, and drummer, David E. These young men met while studying in a rabbinical college in Jerusalem, opposite the Western Wall.

Ori, is from Seattle, and was working his way up the ladder in the music scene there, when he took a 2 week vacation to Israel, and never returned to the United States. Binyamin Adam, Dan, and Alex Lopez-Dias, are all from England, while David E is from New England.

These five young men, from different places and upbringings, all connected in Jerusalem. With an orthodox change of lifestyle, and an unorthodox musical path to each other, the group Shtar has blended their backgrounds and styles, to create spiritual and moving music.

I think they are worth listening to.  You can check out their video for “Modeh”, which is from their album “Infinity” at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxNTjSGtaAM

You can also visit their official website at www.shtarmusic.com.  I hope you like them as much as I do.  These kids are amazing.  I’m glad they found me, so I could find them.  I wish them much success with their album. 

They are putting out hip-hop music that is not about shooting people, gang violence, or mistreating women.  Their words are spiritual, uplifting, thought provoking, and political.  How wonderful that my kid can have hip-hop music that talks about keeping the faith.