Sandra Bullock has a new son — and he had a bris?

Believe it: Sandra Bullock’s new adopted son had a bris—and not one of those makeshift ones they perform in hospitals—a real one, clipped by a mohel.

“Is everyone in Hollywood Jewish, just by osmosis?” a friend observed.

Perhaps; but there’s no word on why Bullock chose to have baby Louis admitted into the Jewish covenant—or if he has any biological Jewish heritage. All we can safely assume is that Bullock’s soon-to-be-ex-husband, Jesse James, who was photographed saluting “sieg heil” while wearing a Nazi cap, had little to do with it. 

Back in March, weeks after Bullock won her first Oscar for “The Blind Side,” James was exposed as a Nazi-saluting, bimbo-loving, cheating, philanderer. It was an especially humiliating moment for Bullock—not just because her husband made Tiger Woods appear to have good taste—but because James’ infidelity came with shocking and charged imagery (click here to see mistress #1 playing cute Nazi). The scandal instantly derailed the preceding crowning moment of her career.

But the announcement of the adoption—which Bullock (and her handlers) smartly kept under wraps for four months, comes as a public relations blessing:

What better way to shift attention from your Nazi-loving, cheating husband than to have your kid circumcised?

According to People, the Jewish ceremony was performed at Bullock’s home last January (with James reportedly present).

Bullock is finalizing paperwork for a single parent adoption.