Shania Twain Rocks, Ryan Seacrest Blows, Jake Pavelka Cries & Glee is Glorious

I have not blogged about American Idol at all the season.  There was nothing interesting to say, because the show is no longer interesting.  That was true until tonight.  Taking into account that I am Canadian, and not just because I love most things Canadian, I think Shania Twain is perfection.

She is beautiful charming, funny, sweet, and Canadian.  I love her.  She should have been the judge that replaced Paula Abdul.  Having her, Simon and Randy would have been perfect. Kara is useless, and Ellen, though fabulous, doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Having the contestants sing her songs was great.  She writes such wonderful lyrics, that any singer, of any genre, can interpret them in any way they like.  Shania has been on my iPod for years, and tonight I was reminded why.  She is talented beyond measure, and gave AI their best night of the season.

I wrote a couple of blogs about Ryan Seacrest last week, and they were met with a mixture of agreement and anger.  At the end of the day, I stand by the original blog, and ask the question again:  What is appealing about this man?  I don’t get it, and never will.

I think Ryan produces great television, is fabulous on the radio, both here in LA for my morning drive, and on American Top 40.  He is cute, and loves his mom.  He should not however, be hosting this show anymore.  I find myself more annoyed by him with each passing week.  Ryan Seacrest is lame.

Jake Pavelka, The Bachelor, has been given the boot off of Dancing With The Stars.  It makes perfectly good sense since he is not a star.  No big surprise, he started crying.  He also referred to his dance partner, Chelsie Hightower, as one of his best friends.  Sad really.

He also thanked Chelsie “for being so great to my beautiful fiancé Vienna.”  I know everyone thinks that now the show is over, he will dump Vienna.  I don’t think so.  I want a reality show about Jake and Vienna.  Watching a firecracker, and a piece of white toast, living together, has endless potential.

Highlights for Jake tonight were when he called the show “Dancing With Stars”.  When he talked about being there for 6 episodes, like it was his own show.  Best part ever however, was when Vienna glanced at the camera, realized she could not force herself to cry in time, and you know when the camera turned away from her, she bit her lip in an attempt to get tears.  I love this couple and again, they need their own show.

Glee is one of the greatest shows on television.  I rarely wonder off the reality path, but this is one show I am hooked on.  The music is fabulous, the actors are divine, the characters are fantastic, and the writing is stellar. The song selection is beyond good, with the perfect mix of old and new.  Quote of the night. “I think my cat is reading my diary.”

There are not a lot of shows that can be enjoyed by a mother and her teenage son.  I am so grateful when one comes along, because it allows me to share a quiet moment with my son, and those are getting less frequent as he establishes his own life, with his friends.

It was a great night.  I settled in with my son, the cat, and TIVO.  As fast as life has become, there is an old fashioned comfort, in being safe at home, with your family close by, and the television.  Will Glee be on for years, so I can have more of these fleeting and divine evenings with my boy?  I’m keeping the faith.