Bret Michaels, Tiffany Tehan & Aaron Johnson of “Kick Ass”

I love Bret Michaels.  While his music is not really my cup of tea, he is a reality television icon, and I dig him. Anyone who can do a television show about finding the perfect skank, and come out looking charming and endearing, has got something special.

Mr. Michaels is currently in ICU, having suffered a brain hemorrhage last week.  This came less than two weeks after he had to have an emergency appendectomy.  He has also been battling diabetes since he was a little kid.  Bret is 47 years old, and has two young daughters.

His tour manager posted the following statement on his website:  “As we all know Bret is a fighter and we are hopeful that once all is complete the slurred speech, blurred vision and dizziness, etc. will be eliminated and all functions will return to normal.”

My prayers are with Bret and his family.  This is a lovely man, and all of his fans are not only praying for him to have a speedy recovery, but we also hope he wins Celebrity Apprentice.  The good news is that now he can shave his head, rock a fabulous bald dome, and lose the hats with sewn in hair.

Bret Michaels is a good man.  He loves his children, and is great at what he does.  He has reinvented himself, and built a new career, without compromising who he is.  Rock of Love was an entertaining train wreck, but Celebrity Apprentice has given us a look as who he really is, and he is fabulous.  Get well soon Bret.

If I live to be a million years old, I will never understand Tiffany Tehan.  She is the young wife and mother from Ohio, who left her family to run away with her boyfriend, who also happens to be married.  Her baby is one year old, and she decided to leave her, so she could start a new life.

Really?  Who does that?  Even if she could justify leaving in her head, why not just tell her husband, and go?  Was this decision, which caused so much pain, created such drama, and cost so much money, really necessary?  At what point does leaving a baby, and a life, seem like a good idea?  This is not just one person acting irrationally, but two.

Everyone is talking about this woman who left her baby, and husband, but no one is talking about her boyfriend, who is also married, and left his family.  His actions were just as shocking and disgusting as hers, but he seems to be getting a free pass, which is weird.

If you have the balls to cheat on your husband, start a relationship with a man who is married and has his own family, leave your husband, and the innocent little baby who will never understand what you did, then why can’t you have the balls to just say you want out?

I’m not in this woman’s home.  I have no idea what she was thinking, or what was happening that made her do what she did.  All I know for sure, is that there is no man, no amount of money, no dream of something different, no promise of joy, which would make me leave my kid.  Ever.

Like most teenagers, my son went to see the movie Kick Ass this weekend.  He left the theater thinking it was an excellent film, and that the star of the movie, Aaron Johnson, was amazing.  At only 19, Mr. Johnson is a role model to my son and his buddies, all of who have acting aspirations.

Here’s the deal about the young boy, that my son thinks is so great.  When he was 17, he was cast in a movie called Nowhere Boy, where he played a young John Lennon.  When he was 18, he filmed the movie, which was directed by a woman named Sam Taylor-Woods, who was then 42 years old, and an established artist, who was directing her first film.

Aaron then began an affair with Sam, who was divorced, had 2 children, and had survived cancer twice.  Not only did they have an affair, but they are now “in love”.  Aaron is now 19, Sam is 43, and she is 7 months pregnant with her 3rd child, of which Aaron is the father.  Are they kidding?

I keep thinking about Aaron’s mother, who must have been so proud of her son that his career was taking off.  He was a working actor, that made money, which is rare.  Then the director, who is the same age as she is, is now going to be the mother, of her baby’s baby.

When their baby goes off to college, he will be younger than she is now, and she will be in her 60’s.  What was she thinking?  Her oldest child is only 6 years younger than the father of her baby.  I think it’s disturbing, and she should be ashamed of herself.

Her friends told tabloid newspapers in England that Taylor-Woods was not into having a relationship with him, but he was “relentless”, and she caved.  Are you kidding me?  This little boy, who could be her own child, was able to make her lose her common sense long enough to have his baby?

I don’t care that he is 19 years old, or that he is working and supporting himself.  He is just a kid.  He should be living his life, and enjoying himself, not changing diapers, and living with a woman is almost 25 years older than him.  His stepchildren will be closer in age to him, than he is to the mother of his child.

It was a very strange weekend.  The spotlight was placed on a wide variety of people, from a wide variety of places, and it showed us that people are strange.  No one is perfect.  Everyone has issues, drama, and baggage.  It is amazing however, how many people appear to be living with no common sense.

I am never going to leave my child.  Ever.  Not for any person, place, or thing.  I am not going to find myself a 19 year old boyfriend, and have his baby.  Ever.  All I can do is live my life, pray for those who need help, laugh at the craziness of this world, and keep the faith.