A Great Work Out Find In Los Angeles

Every once in a while I come across something that I feel I must spread the word on.  This past week I discovered something really great, and want to share.  This is a treasure, right here in Los Angeles, so if you’re local, it’s worth taking a look at.

At Your Side Private Exercise is a private gym.  While I just discovered it, it was founded by a woman named Lesley Goldberg in 1989.  My girlfriend Jyllian and I, went in and did a training session together with Lesley, and it was fabulous.

Lesley was really great.  She was friendly and funny, and kept us focused on the workout, without our feeling like we were working out at all.  She gave Jyllian and I work out that was adjusted to meet both of our needs, but we were able to do it together, which made it more fun than going alone.

I walk every day, and do yoga, but this was different.  When someone shows you exactly what to do, how to do it, and for how long, it changes everything.  The next day I was sore, but not in a “never doing that again” way, it was more of an “I can’t wait to do it again” way.

The gym is small, and very clean.  The trainers were all kind and friendly.  Everyone has their own “specialty” training.  For Lesley, she focuses on training people over 40.  Lesley is herself over 40, and her body is inspiring, but not intimidating.  She made us feel comfortable, and confident.

The clients are all ages, sizes, and fitness levels.  The prices are reasonable, and you can go for as many, or as few sessions that you like.  There was a woman there who has been training with Lesley for years, was about to turn 60, and looked like she was in her 40’s.

This is a great gym, and a great find.  I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to work out in a safe and comfortable environment.  You get all the benefits of a full service gym, with your own personal trainer, without having to go to a large scale, meat market, work out experience.

Additionally, Lesley is building up her Orthodox Jewish clientele.  She will close the gym on certain days, for certain hours, so it is private training for either the ladies with Lesley, or with a male trainer for the gentlemen.  I don’t know of any other gym that offers this specialized service.

At Your Side is located at 223 South Robertson Blvd, one block south of Wilshire, at Charleville.  They have parking available in the back, and there is a ton of metered street parking.  The phone number is 310-275-5635, and you can visit them online at www.atyoursideprivateexercise.com.

Working out is hard.  Not always physically hard because you can decide how far to push your body, but mentally challenging, to motivate yourself.  At Your Side, makes it a whole lot easier.  If you want to get started, and need a little nudge, call Lesley.  She will help you keep the faith.