Can anyone explain the appeal of Ryan Seacrest?

I don’t know Ryan Seacrest.  Have never met him, or even seen him around town.  My knowledge of him, and perception of who he is, is based on what I see on the television, or hear on the radio.  Can anyone explain what the appeal is here?  This man may have been charming in the beginning of his American Idol days, but there is no charm now.

I think he is unappealing.  His over processed hair, over whitened teeth, and over the top denial of his sexual orientation, is all unattractive.  He seems to think he is funny.  Not only is he not funny, but he is mean, and offensive.  He loves his own voice, and laughs at his own jokes.  The problem is, because he is not funny, he appears to laugh for no reason.

Ryan is paid an obscene amount of money to host American Idol.  It’s fascinating because he is the main reason that this show is hard to watch.  He thinks he is a judge, and that his opinion has value.  It does not.  I’m barely able to muster up the strength to care about what Ellen says, let alone Ryan, who is not there to have an opinion.

With Simon leaving the show, it is going to be hard to stay tuned.  If they think Ryan is the reason we watch, then whoever cut that deal needs to go.  We watch the show in spite of Ryan Seacrest, not because of him.  The magic that was American Idol is gone, and no matter how much they pay Ryan, or get new judges, they will never get it back.

American Idol should call it a day, and simply fade away.  The show will not be worth watching without Simon.  They are overstaying their welcome, and it’s time to go.  In the interest of everyone, I think pulling the plug and ending it quickly, will be better than losing Simon, and having a slow and painful death that is dragged out.

You’ll be fine Ryan.  You have about 16 other jobs that will keep you busy.  You can spend your time tanning, getting your teeth whitened, and decorating the closet that you live in.  Stay behind the camera, where you belong my darling.  I wish you the best of luck with your jobs, and hope you find love with someone other than yourself.  Seacrest OUT!