Steven Seagal is Nominated for the Douchelord Club

A former model is suing Steven Seagal for sexual harassment.  To be more specific, she is accusing him of hiring her to be his “sex toy”.  I don’t know if it’s true, and frankly, I don’t really care.  There are a few things to say though, so if I may…..

If you are going to respond to an ad on Craig’s List for an “assistant”, you need to be prepared to perhaps meet a weirdo.  Just saying.  Granted, the alleged victim is only 23, and even though Craig’s List is what all the kids are using these days, it’s still not the safest place to look for a job.  A sofa, or Lakers tickets?  For sure!  But a job?  Too scary for me.

I want to know why she sat on this for two months, and why she went to a lawyer, not the police.  I am one who tends to side with women in sexual assault cases, unless it is proven that they lied.  That said, this sounds a little fishy to me.  If she were in fear for her life, as she would like us to believe, why wouldn’t she call the police, the second she got away?

According to the lawsuit, the alleged victim reports that Mr. Seagal turned to her and said ‘I’m a family man, and I live with my wife, but she wouldn’t care if you were my lover.’  Red flag little girl.  Get off the plane, turn around and go home.  Perhaps she was overcome by the smell of money, that she lost her good sense for a minute?

The lawsuit says that the young woman decided to ” take a wait and see attitude.”  Which loosely translates to, if I stay with this old fart for a little longer, maybe I can sue him and get enough money to not have to worry about working at all, then get a gig with Playboy as the girl who was attacked by the Above The Law guy.

This poor girl was so scared that she “left behind everything that she owned, including her car keys, her laptop, her clothes and hundreds of dollars worth of makeup.”  Yet she was not so scared that she felt the need to call the police?

We all know that Seagal is creepy.  Look at him.  I believe a woman when she says she was attacked.  All I’m saying is that this one does not add up.  I’m sure it will all come out eventually, with the help of TMZ.  Until then, to the young woman, and to Mr. Seagal, keep the faith.