The Mean, Selfish, Manipulative, Immature, Ridiculous, Scary, Real Housewives of New York City

It is becoming increasingly difficult to watch the Real Housewives of New York City.  They are imploding, and while I love a reality television train wreck, this is more like a slow, painful death.  It is uncomfortable to watch, and leaves you embarrassed for them, and for yourself that you watch.

What is fascinating about these ladies, is that they seem to forget that we can see what they are doing.  It is not a live show ladies, and is going to be edited.  Bravo’s job is to give us great television, not paint them in the glow of sunshine.  They truly appear to be oblivious to the cameras, or the manipulation that is reality tv.

Bethany and Ramona are going for a walk.  Bethany wants to talk to Ramona about her fight with Jill.  It’s all a bit anticlimactic really.  We all know Bethany got married a couple of weeks ago, and we know Jill was not invited, so there’s no real drama here.

What is interesting however, is that Bethany is complaining to Ramona that Jill is talking to anyone in New York that will listen, about their falling out, but she won’t shut up about it herself. This entire fight started when Bethany suggested to Jill that she get a hobby.  Might I suggest that they all get a hobby.  Maybe think about what you are going to do when your show is canned.

Ramona decides to dump all over Bethany.  We all know Ramona is crazy, her eyes are buggy, and she appears to be bi-polar.  Even knowing all of that, her attack of Bethany is still shocking.  Ramona tells Bethany that she is a press monger, she thinks Bethany planted all the stories about Jill herself, and is self serving.

Ramona informs Bethany she has no friends, is not normal, and will mess up her relationship with her boyfriend Jason.  I seriously believe Ramona is in need of medical attention.  She is a meddling, mean spirited, unkind, and selfish woman.  I would be scared to be friends with someone like Ramona.

With each scene, I am on another side.  I hear Bethany talk about Jill, and I’m totally on her team.  Then Jill comes on, and I think Bethany is the one to blame for all the strife.  This show has gone from being a guilty pleasure, to work.  At the end of the show you are exhausted, and that is not good television.

Bethany and Ramon have finished with their fight and are now meeting Alex and Simon in Brooklyn.  Just when you think things are calming down, you see that Ramona has actually gone into Brooklyn.  The world as we know it has come to an end.  That Alex and Simon are the go to people for normalcy, is a sign of the apocalypse.

Kelly is proof that aliens live among us.  This chick is a certified whackadoodle.  Seriously.  She is walking around the streets of New York, in her signature inappropriate for her age outfit, wanting to talk to random strangers about fashions trends. 

She then explains to us that the hat she is wearing, which is a knitted ski cap, is trend driven.  Really?  A ski cap is trendy?  Is it also a trend to wear a short black mini skirt, orange Jersey Shore fake tanned legs, AND a ski cap?  You are cutting edge Kelly.  By cutting edge, of course I mean that you have no idea what you are talking about.

She is literally begging people to talk to her.  She is a celebrity whore, and I think she walks around New York City trying to spot people she knows, so we can all see how fancy she is.  Did Bravo put an ad on Craig’s List to find these women?  Kelly is a beautiful girl.  Truly.  She is far more attractive however, when she does not speak.

LuAnn.  LuAnn.  LuAnn.  She has a “great idea” for a fundraiser.  Are you ready?  A COCKTAIL PARTY!  She is a genius, and this is cutting edge.  Can you imagine?  A cocktail party, in New York City, to raise money.  I weep at the brilliance of this girl.  She is having a sleep over at Jill’s house.  Times must be tough for the Countess, that a hotel is not an option for her anymore.

Jill and LuAnn are toxic.  They feed off of each other, and are going to alienate themselves from everyone, including the viewers, as they build a world of evil.  Watching these two geese go around cackling to each other, makes me want to wear a team Bethany T-shirt. 

Ramona decides to broker a reconciliation between Bethany and Jill, and does it without either one of them knowing.  Alex talks to Jill, and tells her she needs to reach out to Bethany.  It begs the question:  Is everyone scrambling to be one big happy family because they know they may not have a show if they all implode? Or, is there a genuine desire to mend fences? I got $20 that says there are no fences in site.

I can’t even bring myself to go over the meeting between Bethany and Jill.  It was frantic, and painful to watch.  I wanted to somehow grab Bethany through the television, and save her.  You could watch the wheels in Jill’s mind spinning, and can actually see the moment where she remembered the cameras were on, and her performance, including fake tears, began.

In the end, it’s a series of unfortunate circumstance and miscommunications, that are the root of Jill and Bethany not being friends.  They are both to blame, and it’s a shame.  I think the people who are most responsible however, are their “friends”, LuAnn and Ramona.  They are jealous, back stabbing, immature, and horrific women. 

If I needed to pick a side, I’m going with team Bethany.  There is blame on all, but if a winner must be declared, and the winner is determined by the person with the best of intentions and a genuine heart, then the winner must be Bethany.  This seriously needs to be the last year for the women of New York City.  It’s over.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey start back up in a few weeks, and they are filming the new ladies of Beverly Hills now.  Will Andy Cohen listen to my plea, and put the ladies of New York out their misery by cancelling them?  I’m keeping the faith.