Jersey Shore Is Going Persian

Jersey Shore was last year’s guilty pleasure.  Everyone watched or, or at least heard of it.  By heard of it, of course I mean we know you watched it. We got sucked into the shore and the cast.  Bravo to MTV for managing to get a hit show, out of a group of people with no apparent talent.  Talk about getting lucky.

It wasn’t just MTV that got lucky.  The group of people selected to be on the show, won the reality television lottery.  It made “celebrities” out of Snookie, Jenn-Woww, Sammi, Vinnie, Ronnie, Paulie D, and The Situation.  This group are masters at milking every last drop, out of every one of their 15 minutes.

They are currently filming season two in Miami, and will relocate to the Jersey shore once things heat up there.  It’s hard to imagine that anything could top this show and the current cast, but bless MTV because they are going to try.  Get ready because Jersey Shore is going Persian!

I am not kidding.  The same company that produces Jersey Shore, is currently casting for a “Persian version” of the mega hit.  They are looking for people who are over 21, outspoken, and proud to be Persian-Americans.  Oh.  My.  God.  I cannot wait for this train to leave the station, so the wreck can begin. 

This has got “blog me”, written all over it.  I predict we will see a lot of attempts to recreate the magic that is Jersey Shore.  It will be interesting to see if going Persian, will be able to do it.

You can say you don’t care, and that you will not watch, but you will.  You may not catch it when it airs in it’s regular time slot, but trust me, when you are home on a Saturday afternoon, sick with a cold, and flicking through the channels, you will stumble upon it, and be unable to turn away.

It’s only a matter of time, before we see a bunch of Jewish kids, crashing over spring break in Boca, at the home of Bubbe and Zaide.  At least I have an excuse for watching it all.  It’s for the blog!  It’s my work! Will season two hit pay dirt again?  I’m sure they are keeping the faith.