Tiger Woods: Who Cares? Play Golf!

Tiger Woods is a pig.  There is no denying it.  He slept with countless women, while he was married, and put the health of his wife and children at risk by engaging in unprotected sex.  Ok.  We’ve all read about it, we’ve all got an opinion about it, and we will all be watching to see what happens.  It’s time now to ask the bigger question:  Who cares?

Tiger Woods is playing in The Masters this week and held a press conference today.  It marks the first live televised interview with him since his car crash, and the story broke about his infidelity.  He was sporting a goatee, seemed calm and friendly.  He was his old charming self.

There were 200 media outlets present.  We’re told there were no restrictions on their questions, and they came out swinging.  They asked about the car accident, and the mess his life has become since that night.  While everyone has been waiting for an opportunity to talk to him, I think he did a disservice to the game of golf by opening the mikes at Augusta.

While I’m not a big golfer, I’ve played the game, respect the talent it takes to be good, and I will watch the final round of a tournament on television, because it’s exciting.  Even a minor fan like me, knows that The Masters is the Holy Grail, and Augusta is hallowed grown.  To bring his tabloid home life to this magical place, is disrespectful.

What I think Mr. Woods has forgotten, is that the only reason we even care about him, is because he is the world’s greatest golfer.  Ever.  If he were not a good golfer, we would have no idea who he was.  He is a god when it comes to this game, and he should have given the game, that has given him so much, a little more respect.

He should have had this type of a press conference away from a tournament, and on his own.  It would have allowed the media to separate out his personal life, from the game.  The press today went 15 minutes before they asked a question about something other than his personal life, by inquiring about how his knew was.

What’s done is done.  This morning Tiger looked good.  He is ready to play, and thinks he will win. He said he was blown away by the reception he got from the fans in Augusta, and said he missed the competition.  He also said that he “Hopes the players can be left alone to focus on the Masters, not only this week, but going forward as well.”

I hope so too Tiger.  I wish you well this week and hope that you recapture your true self out there.  I still think you are a pig, and your wife is insane to stay with you, but at the end of the day, who cares?  Be kind to yourself, love your wife, and protect your children.  Play great golf, don’t worry about what people think of you, and keep the faith.