Ricky Martin is gay? Big deal. So was my date last night.

There was no real surprise this week, when Ricky Martin came out of the closet, and declared that he was a gay man.  Did he think we did not know?  Was he honestly expecting us to be shocked?  Come on Ricky.  We all knew you were gay Sweetie, and have been waiting years for you to come out, and own it.

In terms of being gay, what really was a complete and total surprise, is that my date yesterday, was absolutely gay, and unable to admit it.  I went out last night, in a super cute outfit, with fabulous hair, and my date was gay.  A Jewish, gorgeous, smart, funny, charming, and living in the closet, gay man.

How did I know my date was gay?  The first clue, was when he noticed my slight accent Canadian accent, and he asked me what my favorite Celine Dion song was.  Before I could answer, he let me know his was a tie between Because You Loved Me, and My Heart Will Go On.  Both of which he sang a few bars of.

I thought perhaps he was kidding, because a lot of people make fun of my love of Celine, and blame my musical taste on being Canadian.  So, I brought up hockey, thinking he would man up, and we’d be in business.  I asked what team he supports, and he responded that he prefers figure skating, and loves Johnny Weir.

That lead us into a lively ten minutes conversation about Dancing With The Stars, and what the chances were that Evan Lysacek could win.  We then covered Project Runway, Shear Genius and The Real Housewives.  For a minute I convinced myself that he was not gay, but instead, just perfect for me.  A man who will not complain about watching reality television!

The best part was when I excused myself to go to the bathroom.  When I came back, he got up, and placed his hand on my back to guide me into the booth.  First of all, when a man places his hand on your back, to guide you to your seat, through a door, or to your table, it is very sexy.

I have always thought it is romantic, so when he did it, I thought for sure I was wrong, and he was not gay.  Then it happened.  His hand is on my back, and I have long hair, so when he places his hand on me, he touches my hair.  Not just touches it, but strokes it.

A man playing with my hair is enough to put me over the edge.  I will profess my love for him, if he will play with my hair.  I thought he was flirting by playing with my hair, but then it happened.  He asked me what conditioner I used, and we then spent twenty minutes discussing hair products.

My date was gay.  Fabulous, and gay.  He was smitten of course, because that’s how I roll.  I attract, and am attracted to, gay men.  There are many gay men in my life who I would marry.  You know who you are. (Andy, Patrick, Scott, Paul, Howard, Peter)  This list could go on, and on.

He said he had a wonderful time, and asked me out for a second date.  So cute.  I told him I thought he was fabulous, had a wonderful time, but it was not a love connection for me.  He said he understood, hoped we could be friends, gave me a wonderful hug, and asked if I wanted to see a movie this weekend, as friends.

Here’s the nail in the coffin.  I told him I would love to see a movie, and he suggested we see “The Last Song”, which he has been dying to see.  There you have it.  I had a great date last night, with a gay man.  God bless him.  I hope he figures it out, because he will be a terrific boyfriend to a very lucky man.  I hope he sets himself free.

I will keep trying to meet a good man.  There is one out there for me.  To Ricky Martin, you did good.  Finally.  If you want to meet a great Jewish man, I met one who is available, so let me know.  I hope all of us who are looking, will meet someone great, so I will be keeping the faith.