Hey Wendy Williams, How You Doin?

I have discovered that I love Wendy Williams, and when we meet, she and I will be fast friends.  Her talk show is on here in Los Angeles on Fox, weekdays at 4 pm.  I’m not sure how many people watch her in L.A., because she is opposite Ellen, but I must tell you, you should give her a shot.  She is adorable, and her show is entertaining.

The enchanting Ms. Williams started her career in radio.  She was a NYC radio star for years, before making the transition to television.  Even though she was labeled a “shock jock”, I don’t really think she was, just as I don’t think Howard Stern is a shock jock. Either.

What Wendy and Howard are, is honest.  Honesty is what allows them to speak their mind, and be brave enough to say, and ask, what we are too afraid to.  By “we” being afraid to say something, of course I mean not me, because I’m not afraid to say anything, which is why I dig her.

Wendy is quite accomplished, and has won “Radio Personality Of The Year” awards, from both Billboard and Radio & Records magazines.  She was named “Most Guiltiest Pleasure” at the 2009 NewNowNext Awards, and in 2009, was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.  This lady is no slouch.  She works hard on her career, as well as being a wife, and mother.

Not everyone likes Wendy Williams, which is interesting.  People bash her for being crass, obnoxious, or rude, which I don’t think she is.  Could it be that people see parts of themselves in her, and it’s a part of their personalities that they don’t embrace, so they attack her? 

I think people love her, but in private.  Williams is far less offensive than Kathy Griffin, yet people are meaner to my Wendy.  Why?  It’s time for people to come out of the I Love Wendy Williams closet, and embrace her, and her show, out loud.  This chick is a hoot, and her show is like hanging out with a girlfriend.

She is not a guilty pleasure for me, because I like her.  She is funny, and ballsy.  I’ve read a lot of things about her, and I think that rather than attacking her, she should be applauded for being honest and open.  In the world of entertainment, she is not blowing smoke up anyone’s ass.

Every gorgeous, opinionated, and unfiltered,  television talk show goddess, needs a cute, funny, and brave Jewish chick as a BFF.  I know you are coming to LA next week, so let’s make a plan.  I’ll come to your hotel, and we’ll hang out.  I can borrow your stuff, try on your wigs, gossip, and talk about all the Jewish guys you want to set me up with.

I think people are afraid of things that make them uncomfortable, and perhaps what makes them uncomfortable, are traits they won’t admit they have.  Wendy Williams says, what we all think.  I do that, so I am not afraid of her, because we both embrace that part of who we are.  I love you Wendy Williams, and am not afraid to say so.

So Wendy, how you doing?  I think you are fabulous my darling, and this blog is really a fan letter.  I love the hair, the clothes, the accent, the balls, the show, love it all.  It will be a sincere pleasure to meet you Ms. Williams.  Will you call?  I’m keeping the faith!