Simpsons take on the Holy Land with Sascha Baron Cohen

In what is already an epic and delightfully offensive stroke of genius, The Simpsons are headed to Israel. That’s right—it’s the Simpsons family vacation to the holy land. And the Simpsons being the Simpsons, it’s best not to expect any soft peddling on the magnitude of this occasion—this isn’t an anodyne ski trip—but rather, a revelatory experience for Homer, who will discover that he is the rightful messiah. 

Oh, and even better: Sascha Baron Cohen guest stars as their churlish Israeli tour guide.

From Geekheeb:

For once, Jews, Christians and Muslims will be united –- in anger at Homer Simpson, who believes he’s the messiah in an upcoming episode of “The Simpsons.”

Set to air nationally on March 28, the Sunday before Passover begins, which is also Palm Sunday, “The Greatest Story Ever D’ohed” finds the Simpson family visiting Jerusalem with a surly Israeli tour guide voiced by Sacha Baron Cohen.

Executive producer Al Jean, who has been with “The Simpsons” since its launch in 1989, says the episode focuses exclusively on the family’s experiences in Jerusalem and doesn’t venture into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“It’s a 20-minute show, so there’s a limited scope,” he said.

Instead, Jean says the writers drew on their own Israel experiences to create a Jerusalem that’s fanciful but relatable to real life in the Holy Land.

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