Rielle Hunter: Homewrecker, John Edwards: Douchelord

In the April issue of GQ magazine, Lisa DePaulo interviews Rielle Hunter.  Ms. Hunter is the woman who slept with John Edwards, and then had his baby, while his wife of 33 years is dying of cancer. 

The only thing more disturbing than the things this crazy chick says, are the pictures that accompany the article.  I am beyond disgusted and disturbed, and could not let another moment go by without blogging.

About herself, Hunter says, “I live my life for wisdom, I don’t live my life for security.  My priority is awareness and growth and evolution, and helping others do the same. And because of that being my priority, my life changes a lot. I don’t live a culturally safe life.”

Are you kidding me?  You are delusional.  You live your life for yourself and there appears to be no wisdom gained through your experience with John Edwards.  If you had learned anything, you would have kept your mouth shut, and allowed Mrs. Edwards the peace and quiet that she deserves during the end of her life. 

DePaulo asks her if Edwards ever asked for advice, and Hunter replies that Edwards drives their relationship, and he is the man.  That she is so callous as to answer the questions with the implication that their relationship is ongoing, is again disgusting.

I am unable to talk about this woman without getting angry.  Listen, I get that people cheat.  I get that monogamy is hard for some people.  I get that sometimes you can love your spouse, and go outside the marriage, for sex.  While it’s not something I would participate in, or tolerate in my own life, I get it.

What I don’t get however, is how a woman can be so disrespectful to another woman, by flaunting that she ruined lives.  She could have not said a word, and I would have perhaps had a little respect for her.  Instead she is giving interviews, posing like a porn star with kid’s toys, and showing her true color.  Which incase you can’t tell, is hooker red.

When Hunter refers to Mr. Edwards as “Johnny”, I seriously have to question this woman’s sanity.  Johnny?  Really?  It’s a feeble and pathetic attempt to add closeness to their tryst.  How many times is she going to slap Elizabeth Edwards across the face?  How desperate she must be.

Hunter says that given what she’s been through, she views Hillary Clinton’s life very differently.  She thinks she is an extraordinary woman, because of what she’s been through, and how she’s been ripped apart by the media.  She has never met her, but has the greatest respect for her.

Is the implication here that she compares herself to Mrs. Clinton?  Are you for real?  Hillary Clinton is an amazing woman who should never be mentioned in the same sentence as you.  You are a lying, cheating, disgusting example of what a woman shouldn’t be, and Mrs. Clinton is remarkable. 

DePaulo asks her how it is that even though Hillary was the one hurt by a mistress, how can she relate to her? 
Hunter says that she does her best to relate to everyone, and feels she has a greater understanding of all of the people involved in the Bill, Hillary, Monica, triangle.

Is she seriously going to compare herself to Monica?  Does she assume we think of her and Monica the same way?  Monica was a young girl, caught up in the power of a President, and too inexperienced to understand what was happening around her.  Hunter was an adult, with a history of whoring around with powerful men.  Grow up.

Karma is a bitch, so go ahead and give as many interviews as you like.  It will only make it easier for her to find you. I think Rielle Hunter is a horrible woman, and I feel sorry for her little girl, that she will grow up with this woman as a role model.  I think John Edwards is a douchelord, and Rielle Hunter is a whore, and I also don’t care if it offends anyone.

To Mr. Edwards, you are a disgrace.  To Ms. Hunter, blah, blah, blah. We do not care what you have to say.  To the little girl that was brought into this world under such unfortunate circumstances, this has nothing to with you, and we wish you health and happiness always. 

To Elizabeth Edwards, I am so sorry that this will not go away.  Know that I respect and support you and am keeping you in my prayers.  Enjoy your children, be strong, take strength from all of us, and keep the faith.

You can read the article by Lisa Depaula at: http://www.gq.com/news-politics/politics/201004/rielle-hunter-john-edwards-exclusive-interview?currentPage=10