Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin Must Have Lunch Together

I have questions I want answered.  If anyone has can answer them for me, please do.  It’s important to note that I am not interested in opinions.  Opinions are what got us into this mess.  I want answers.  I want to know when we decided as a nation, that it was ok to not be decent to each other.

I want to understand how it is possible that just because a woman has different opinions than you, she can be compared to Hitler.  I need for someone to explain to me how a young girl can go for a run, and be raped and murdered by a man who never should have been released from prison.

I want to know how we can commend people for having faith, yet persecute them for practicing religion.  I want to know how I am supposed to raise my son to care about this country, when the people who lead this country, and shape his future, can’t play nicely together.

I need for someone to help me understand how the people in my life with the happiest and most loving of relationships, Andy and Patrick, Bill and Bill, Scott and Paul, Leslie and Michelle, are not allowed to get married, when people who never should have gotten married, are allowed.

Explain to me how we can send men and women to a foreign land, to protect our freedom and liberty, when all of our citizens are not treated equally?  How can we send a young man to Iraq, have him lose his limbs, then let the bank take away his house?  How can you teach a girl that she can do anything, then not allow her to go to prom with her girlfriend?

When did labeling something, or someone, fascist, become a blanket statement for things that liberals don’t like?  When did liberals become so intolerant and mean spirited?  When did conservatives become labeled as the devil for having an opinion that differed from the liberals?  When did every difference of opinion, need to be a fight?

When did we start labeling each other a liberal or conservative, rather than just American?  When did it become dangerous to talk about politics or religion?  When did it become acceptable to call each other fat, stupid, ugly, slut, gay, or retarded? 

I want someone to tell me exactly what it is that makes this the greatest country in world, when we are incapable of the most basic act, extending kindness and decency to one another.  When did we stop paying attention to history?  Why do we keep repeating mistakes, rather than learning from them?  When did we forget?

Human beings are capable of sitting in a room, and having a million things to talk about, without ever mentioning religion or politics.  You can have a meal with someone, without having to discuss their sexual orientation, banking statements, age, race or weight.

Adolf Hitler murdered eleven million people.  Six million Jews, and five million additional minorities, including blacks, homosexuals, gypsies, and Jehovah Witnesses.  For no reason.  He may be responsible for killing the person who could have perhaps discovered the cure for cancer, or who could have taught us to be kind.

Hitler altered the history of the world by being evil.  I want to know how any sane person can make a comparison between this disgusting man, and Sarah Palin.  How is possible that anyone would think it is okay to align this woman with a monster, for no other reason than they don’t agree with her?  What is everyone so scared of?

My worldview has forever been changed, by simply running into a woman on the street, and having a conversation.  Even though everything changed for me when I met her, this is so much bigger than Sarah Palin and her politics.  At the end of the day, this has nothing at all to do with Mrs. Palin.  We can’t blame her for everything that is wrong with this country.

At some point the answers to these questions won’t matter.  What is really at the core of my confusion is why we, as a country, just can’t stop attacking each other.  When are we going to stop being so judgmental?  When we will stop hurting each other?  When will we remember what it means to be decent, kind, tolerant and forgiving?

Someone needs to start a new movement.  We must reinvent ourselves with simple acts of kindness to our fellow man.  It’s really not that hard.  Be kind.  We can all do it, and there is no act of kindness that is too small, or does not go unnoticed.  How can we collect millions of dollars for Haiti, and then hate each other at home?

We need a grand gesture from the people at the top.  I turn to you Michelle Obama. You are a hero to me.  Not because you are a Democrat, or because you are married to the President and live in the White House.  I admire you because as a single mother, who sacrifices everything for my child, your devotion to your family is inspiring.

Let’s have lunch.  You, Sarah Palin, and me.  Let’s talk about our kids, clothes, shoes, the weather, and the dog.  Let’s put aside all the things that make us different, and talk about the million things that connect us.  Let’s be grown ups, let’s be ladies, let’s have lunch.  You can send a message to the country that we must be decent.

Let’s invite amazing woman from across America to join us.  I’ll bring Hillary Clinton, and my mom. Let’s start talking with other, not at each other.  Let’s leave politics to the politicians, and religion to our clergy.  Let’s believe in whatever we want.  Let’s love whomever we want.  Let’s be decent, and respectful human beings, by allowing everyone to have the freedom to believe, choose, and worship, whatever they want.

I know that we cannot expect to change the world.  What I do believe however, is that we can make our tiny little piece of the world, a better place.  If you are reading this blog, then share it.  Send it to everyone you know, regardless of race, sex, religion, or political party. Let’s take it viral, so more people can have the opportunity to answer the questions.

My blog is called Keeping The Faith.  The past couple of weeks has knocked me on my ass, and caused me to look at that title, and reevaluate what it means.  In the beginning, it was about finding my true love, and him being Jewish.  It was about not sacrificing my faith, for love.  it turns out that in the end, the title is much more profound than that.

The dictionary defines faith this way:  Faith is the confident belief or trust in the truth or trustworthiness of a person, concept or thing.  If I look at the title of my blog with this as the definition of faith, it makes more sense.  I am not struggling to keep my religious faith.  That is secure.  I struggle with having faith that my son can safely raise his own children in this country.

What I am doing by Keeping The Faith, is believing and trusting in the truth.  Not only my truth, but the truth of the leaders of this country, the truth of allowing my son to achieve all of his dreams, the truth that my soul mate is out there looking for me, and the truth that we can be a decent nation.  Without faith, there is no hope, and without hope, we have nothing.

I’m not giving up.  Not on myself, or on any of you.  We can do this.  The time has come to stand up, take responsibility for what we are all doing wrong, and embrace each other because that is the right, and easy, thing to do.  We can restore America to the greatest country in the world. Together, and united, we must keep the faith.