American Idol’s Simon Cowell Is Getting Married To Mezhgan Hussainy – Poor Terri Seymour

After dating for a year, Simon Cowell has proposed to Mezhgan Hussainy.  I love Simon, and think it’s great that he is getting married at age 50.  The thing is, I can’t help but feel heartbroken for Terri Seymour.  Am I the only one who is thinking this must be so sad for her?

Terri dated Simon for six years.  She hung in with the hope that they would get married and have kids.  Keeping in mind my knowledge of this comes from trashy tabloid magazines, the fact is that she loved him for six years.  She gave him a huge amount of time, and to have it not be her in the end, must be crushing.

Six years!  She was with Simon from ages 29 to 35.  That is the prime “let’s get married and have kids” years.  She gave him so long, and he did not marry her.  Yet after one year, he is now marrying a woman who was friends with Simon and Terri when they were a couple.

People have said Terri should be happy because she got her career through dating Simon.  I’d be willing to bet that she would give up everything she has accomplished professionally, to be Mrs. Cowell.  I just don’t believe this is easy for her.

Simon has said he looks forward to getting married and having children with Mezhgan.  I am excited for him, and imagine they will marry this summer, and get pregnant quickly.  He is going to be 51 this year so he needs to get cracking or he’ll be too old to pick up his children.

Bravo to Simon for waiting for it to be right and finding the love of his life at age 50.  Congratulations on taking the plunge and finally making a commitment.  Kudos for picking out a killer ring.  You did good and I get it.  All I’m saying is that if I were Terri, I’d be beyond pissed, and simply broken hearted.

I have invested time and energy into men, only to have them dump me, go out with someone new, and decide in five minutes, they are in love and have found their soul mate.  I’ve been there, and it’s horrible.  Any woman who has trained a man, and encouraged him to be his best self, only to have him then go to someone else, gets it.

There has got to be come kind of compensation.  Perhaps that amount should be based on the cost of the engagement ring.  Simon paid $750k for the engagement ring he bought for Mezhgan.  Therefore, he should write a check to Terri for that same amount.  I think that is not only what is fair, but it should be a law.  Bastard.

I have read on various blogs that Terri has “given the engagement her blessing”.  The only way that could be possibly be true is if, A) She is taking the high road and simply trying to be kind, or B) She has already received the check, and is contractually obligated to give her blessing.

I wish you all the best Simon. May you both have health and happiness.  To Meshagan,  Mazel Tov.  You scored the mother load sister.  Have a wonderful life.  To Terri, I feel for you sister.  There is nothing to say that really matters, so just know I get it, and hope you’re okay.

To all the women who have invested in men, then been dumped, be strong.  Time will help it hurt a little less.  You are allowed to eat cake, feel bitter, and think unkindly about the whore that got your man.  It is permitted.  When you are done, breathe deeply, and focus on keeping the faith.